It's S799's annual life-crisis thread!

You got me

Hey Niki,

That would be great thanks, that sounds like exactly the kinda thing I wanna do over there :slight_smile:

no idea what you should do but good luck. we’re all counting on you.


I’m thinking of moving to Germany. I’m a bit tired of where I am at the moment and kinda feel it would be good for me to be way out of my comfort zone, and Berlin seems like a cool place. I’ve been looking for jobs there and stuff for a bit.

I don’t really know what the point of saying that was…but I hope you feel better soon about stuff pal. Maybe it will be a good thing for you to be a bit out of your comfort zone too?

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Heard about quite a few folks who moved to Berlin, I don’t know if much in my area is out there but all the creative types seem to love it.

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Maybe, yeah. But the jobs I attempted to start were arguably out of my comfort zone too. Just maybe not enough.

Good luck!

You too man, hope everything works out for you. I’m sure it will!

so is kinda coming to a head here. Since this thread, we haven’t moved yet but my girlfriend has now handed her notice in at work, will finish at the end of January. Meanwhile I got a job I actually enjoy in a craft beer bottle shop on the side of writing and music.

The album is coming out via kickstarter with some help from a label as you’ll have seen from the other thread, I’m trying to consider whether it’s worth paying for P.R (we are in discussions with a group just not) or not to give it some exposure or not given it doesn’t ensure anything and then I might move away anyway. Essentially, if we were to get signed or offered a tour as a result of press exposure then I would need to change my plans, however, my girlfriend is pretty set on moving back home. While she’s not putting me under pressure or giving me any sort of ultimatum, she is a little concerned (understandably) that I’m losing interest in the idea of moving with her and what that means etc.

I know no one can still give me an answer, but I’m the worst at making decisions because I constantly want my cake and eat it, so I’m just writing this down really.

People are more important than music.

That’s my opinion anyway, yours may be different.


Agree with yer man bamnan here, unless you don’t really want to move and band stuff is just an excuse for not doing so


its possible, i dont know, my head is constantly swimming.

My girlfriend is very important to me, I don’t want to let that down, I just also want to finish what I’ve started with this record and give it the best shot it can have. @Bamnan you are right, people are, ultimately more important than music, but I’ve been slowly working towards this point (releasing a record I can truly call “my work”) all my life, I feel now that I’m here I may as well make the most of it.

I say do the P.R thing if it continues looking appealing AND move to Germany while picking and choosing the gigs/tours you do carefully, but I guess you know better if that’s tenable. Long term bands are easier than ever to do as long as everyone stays committed.

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Long distance, that is.

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aye, well as you may well be aware I’m still in a London band even now (Post Louis) but that’s been relatively easy this year because we’ve been recording and not playing gigs/tours. But I’ve managed it, and it’s largely worked OK even if it’s mean slightly longer/more expensive travel.

I think this is probably the right answer, the other two have their own bands as well as mine but are still committed to making this work. I think it’s then just making things work on my side, but I would be happy to maintain a strong connection to Glasgow (and London, which I have so far), I guess it’s just there’s still a few unknowns that are making me anxious. But thanks man!

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But you know, London, so only slightly whahey!

Someone I know who lives in Berlin says the housing market in Berlin’s a bit of a nightmare, she went to a flat viewing where there was 50 people there. :open_mouth:

Eh, I can imagine. Well actually no, I’ve seen it, the city has changed so much over the years and I know I’m potentially going to be a part of that but I at least think/hope I’ve got a bit of a legitimate reason to be there. I’m at least hoping as I’ll be studying and have a partner who has lived there previously will give us some sort of an edge :wink:

Think you should try and make it a go of it in Berlin. Like ruffers says, bands are easier to sustain nowadays. Relationships…IDK.

I think we both suffer from the ‘but what if…’ syndrome. Ultimately you can’t have everything,


Slightly joking here but my only advice is shred hard and shred often man. You’re in a good situation and you’re a good guy so I hope you do well.

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@Severed799 way easier when you’ve got a native german speaker/citizen on your side, much more likely to get a proper lease rather than someone’s sublet. All those people who live in Berlin but don’t bother to learn German have to fight over the sublets from landlords willing to operate in English. The big insurance/pension companies that own a lot of blocks of flats aren’t going to be willing to sign them up for an indefinite lease in German.

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