Its Saturday 15/02

Did the date backwards again for you lovely folk, because I love you all so much. I’ve been watching Donald Sutherland films all night pretty not sober.

However, I hope you all wake up to love mornings and wish nothing but the best weekends for ya’ll.

What does everyone have in store for this glorious day?


I know everyone’s asleep but there’s nothing better than waking up to the wonderful Van Morrison eh?


My weekends are very routine!

Hey there! do you have monday off for presidents day at least? I don’t :sob:

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I’m so sorry for continuing to post music but sometimes I can’t help myself. Case in point.


Yes, and I had Wednesday as a holiday, too, so I used floating holidays for Thursday and today. Six day weekend!


Morning. Up and about already (yay, parenting!). Was meant to be taking kiddo across to a mate’s this morning for coffee/playdate, but his kids are ill. Going back to the in-laws instead and going out for beer and food later with some of my wife’s ATDs and partners. Might push for a coffee and doughnut first


Have you heard the Sharon Van Etten ‘Remembering Mountains’ on her tribute album? Very good.

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Gf has work so got up to make her tea and


Watching Postman Pat because I’m 3yo


The inside of my nose and throat feels like sandpaper :weary:

My mum’s cousin is coming over and her and my mum are going to see my uncle. Absolutely gutted I can’t see him. Briefly talked to him on the phone last night but I couldn’t make out much of what he said. Just want to give him the biggest hug and hold his hand, and I can’t

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Have worked 28 hours since Thursday morning and today I’m off to a three year old’s birthday party in a storm.

This time last year:


Morning DiS,

It’s finally the weekend! Gonna do ParkRun this morning, then a bit of shopping. I’m solo parenting this afternoon, but the weather’s going to be rubbish so we’ll just chill out in front of a film or two.

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Just me and R awake so far in the house. BLISS.

Already showered, R voluntarily got into his bath without fuss or a battle. Listening to his Robot music playlist (currently Trouble Books :heart:)

All going to go downhill as soon as anyone else is in the mix :-1:

Hope you all have good Saturdays x


Feel for you


I might be successfully hungover, but I’m reasonably sure 16 is not the number that comes after 14.

Think we’re going to get some breakfast soon, for numerous reasons, such as hunger, availability and time constraints.


I’m sure he knows how much you care and that will mean a lot to him xxx get well soon x

Got the posh marmalade out


Walking up to the barras last night, this guy came up to us and was asking who’s playing etc, started talking about all the bands he’d seen there. I swear to god, one of the first things he said was “Saw Kasabian, so fucking good live, man. They blew the fucking roof off!”