It's Saturday and we're all snooker loopy

Hiya, happy Saturday, what are you up to today?

It’s 5am and I’m awake because my stupid dickhead knee is playing up. And the seagulls are very, very loud. Might just admit defeat and get up. Put a wash on maybe.

Good weekend planned nonetheless.

  • seeing slickly and maggieloveshopey today!
  • World Snooker Championship Final starts later and no matter who wins, we can’t lose. It’s lovely local lad Kyren Wilson vs. The greatest sportsman ever, Ronnie O’Sullivan.
  • don’t have to go to work

Tell me about your plans, talk amongst yourselves, do some polls. Just enjoy yourself x


Morning Joke. Did you see Ronnie’s weird interview where his only line was snooker is all about cue action and mine has been shit this tournament (even though I’ve made the final)? Strange man.

Morning all. Today I’m going for brunch at a pal’s place and then a beer garden thing later. Tomorrow I’m getting up early and fucking off to an island for the day. Not too bad.

Morning @AQOS! Had a dream I was doing a pub quiz, and you were running it, but doing it as a HGATR Prince/The White Stripes.

Then it turned out that it wasn’t The White Stripes after all. Confusion reigned! I rated Prince 9.6, and chose Purple Reign as my favourite song.

Just to be clear, I don’t really know what you look like, but it was definitely you because I complained that it was a “joke” hahahaha.

I’m off to play cricket in Oxfordshire’s trendy Oxfordshire, then hanging out with my brother and his family! Have many changes of clothes with me…


Ronnie is such a prick.

Morning all. Nothing planned today. Gonna need to come up with something to keep the bairn amused sharpish.

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Too anxious to meal plan, but will be a mess without it. Why did I not do this yesterday evening when I was doing absolutely nothing for most of it?

No plans.

At work. New mask day though! Tractors!


Shower switch is broken :-1:t2:
I discovered it so I will inevitably get the blame :-1:t2::-1:t2:

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Have a cold. It’s raining. #pleasekillmenow

Yayyy good morning!!

Going to get my eyebrows waxed in an hour. Absolutely fuckin buzzin!

First, coffee!

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Snooker loopy nuts are we

Makes me imagine Yoda with a cue and a pint of best

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Why did I complain about the heat, I miss the sun :sob:


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning all!

Woken by The Child twice overnight. Wor Lass is going to a baby shower today so I’m doing some time at the park with other fathers and children. I’m not feeling at my most fun.

I’m slow cooking a lamb curry as part of my evening meal. I could really fancy a beer but I’m trying not drink in the house and I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it out at good times.

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Morning Joke,

If it’s the snooker final today, what was @Avery watching on his phone all evening yday?! :upside_down_face::pleading_face:

Today I am going on a :railway_car: for the first time since March, I’m quite excited!
Getting :fish: and :fries: - very excited
Visiting @elthamsmateowen - meh, whatever :wink:

Love you


Have to say I may have slightly over wined last night. Urgh.

Promised kids breakfast from McD so better get that after some tea.

Exciting Bristol times ahead today though! (May well have kids with me…hope that’s alright)

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I was also awake at 5am as that was the time the screaming drunk people I could hear last night decided to go home, which involved them taking the screaming outside for a time. The women just screamed about how long their taxi would take to arrive but the men got into an argument and one of them was threatening to kill one or more of the others. They fucked off after that and hopefully no murders took place.

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the semi-final

Polls, you say?

  • Joke is handsome
  • Joke makes me laugh

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fucking sports :upside_down_face:

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