It's saturday. here it is


saturday. let’s go.


Where are we going?


Google alert is really going for the generics here

Spent 90+ mins on Bandersnatch today. My opinion is that it’s a failed experiment. That’s a lot of work for one half-arsed joke in the middle of a story that needs a conventional linear telling.


Decided not to go :horse_racing:t2::horse_racing:t2::horse_racing:t2: today after all as I have a nasty cough and it’ll be down towards -10 degrees out there today. Going away for a week tomorrow so really can’t risk it (or getting the poor horse sick as japes pointed out). Bummer.


i’m at work, could nip to the co-op and pick up some thai chilli peanuts tho?


Thanks to @juke’s map, someone* probably could

* not me, unless you’re secretly from Norfolk


Sorry pal, down in London aren’t I?


i’m a novelty mark so i quite enjoyed it, although we got a bit bored after a while. did you fight the therapist?


Keysoe! I thought it was closer but its’s a bout an hour an half away. Cripes!

Went out for curling and Chinese last night. I know my army of fans wanted a curling review so I will say this: it was fun but given the price of it and how little time you get doing it for sure a novelty.

Chinese was lovely.

Volunteering at parkrun this morning before getting a lift to Keysoe for a cross country meet. Running on an equestrian course!


Gonna go park run for the first time, I think. See just how terribly unfit I am.


Morning :wave:

Painting the bedroom today, still need to empty it all out etc.

But first :coffee:




Did an hour on the treadmill, had a good shower. Now time to absolutely wreck this hotel breakfast buffet.


Another one for parkrun, although I’m volunteering/marshalling this morning. Gonna wrap up warm!

If the weather stays clear I’m going to head to Mugdock country park this afternoon, do a bit of exploring, maybe hire some bikes.


Morning! Got work shortly, and found out yesterday I’m on a 6 day week, so so ready for a new job lads. On the other hand, I’m very grateful to the MartyFunkhouser of last night who cooked up a coca cola ham for my sandwiches for the next few days. Might eat them on the way in.


Beg u let me hold some of that ham


If you can get to Devon by lunchtime (approx. 9.06am at this rate) then I’ll share.


You are a fair, and generous man


Keep it to yourself, don’t want 50 hungry bedwetters on my doorstep!


Just managed to get our tiny baby to sleep on me after a night of screaming, whilst her mum gets some ZZZs. Need :coffee: asafp.

Got 6Music on, same old shite really isn’t it. Reckon they should have cut some dead wood in the reshuffle.

Hopefully (limited) beers with a pal this afternoon.