It's saturday. here it is


It’s own blacksmith? I’m there!


Just had the worst restaurant experience of my life which has put me off Chinese food forever.

Service was sooooooo bad. The waiter was so rude and dismissive, brought us one menu between three, didn’t even ask what we wanted to drink, and then only took one person’s food order (?!?!) and then disappeared until we searched the restaurant for him.

The music was SO LOUD we could barely have a conversation and then they started doing awful awful karaoke.

They brought me the wrong food and I didn’t even realise until after the fact. I ordered vegetable vermicelli and got some weird mushroom and miscellaneous green vegetable egg tofu dish and just thought “oh I guess that’s what they meant, maybe the translation was a bit wrong”. Read the menu afterwards on my way home and realised the fuck up. Ok, I should have realised and asked. BUT!!! I ate about three forkfuls and left the rest because it was really gross. And I feel like if that happens the server should ask if everything is ok.

So I didn’t really want to tip. And I NEVER don’t tip because I think it’s pretty trashy not to. But everything was just so bad. So I pay by card, punch in the numbers, and give the machine back to the waitress. She then aggressively told me I “need to tip, the tip’s not included”. !!! I wanted to tell her that everything was terrible but because I am British and hate conflict I gave her some cash.

I paid $34 for one beer and three forkfuls of food. And came home and ate a slice of pizza.


Urgh that sounds awful, no way I would have tipped.


You’re not wrong, even stepping from the plane was a shock. Looked like the waters were frozen and it had tried to snow a little.


:smiley: that was ace


The important thing to remember is that although we’re otherwise identical, I’m taller :smirk:


I’ve genuinely never really watched him in anything before. I was surprised to see that he has a lovely warm smile!


Don’t think I’ve ever heard Aqua - Barbie Girl in a bar before


wish I actually looked like this


I almost thought I just saw @colon_closed_bracket at Oslo airport


nah, that was tykktarmen_lukket_brakett


Yeah I think when we fell in love with the idea was reading about a trip to see the Northern Lights and a bunch of husky puppies together. Obvs the NL can’t be guaranteed but seeing them while covered in puppies would just be the greatest thing ever.

I think we’ll probably do winter. Expect me to be bugging you for ideas for stuff to do when we book it!


Oh wow that’s the other type of colon


Like retracted.


Haha no, I’m sat at home drinking a hot chocolate and getting a moment’s peace before the girls ask me to play Mousetrap again with them :smiley:


I’m probably about tall enough to pass for Norwegian tho


Just about