It's saturday. here it is


Hey, I may be hungry, and often wet the bed, but I have never ever been a doorstepper


I’m going to near Oxford. Need to get up first


At least they still play Janelle Monae on a Sat morning.


I don’t know what I am doing today. Tired already despite waking up fresh. Probably the lack of breakfast coffee.


Hi team. Sheeldz Snr turns 60 so dinner and presents. Unbelievably excited for him to get mine.


Not left the house in time due to…laziness.

Might have a run round Queens Park instead…maybe.


Morning all!

Alright gig last night (lighting was rubbish though so my photos are shit), decent nights sleep too, a relief after I thought it was going to be awful. When I got in last night the students next door had loud music on, and James has been waking up in the night thanks to his jet lag. But the music stopped within ten minutes and Jimbo slept past seven. Phew!

Off for a bimble round the shops this morning. Need to pick up ten films of holiday photos.


Hey teamsters (hey, hey teamsters).

Standard Saturday morning…it’s windy, it’s cold, so I’m going to play golf.

Taking Mrs casinobay to the airport later.


Absolute worst type of Simpsons episode, ruining my morning


Morning folks. Been awake for half an hour but cant get out of bed. Need a wee. Gonna get up and make eggs and coffee… any minute now.



Was up until 3am going down various YouTube holes prompted by the Bob Mortimer thread. But, lack of beer yesterday means I feel okay this morning.

Headed down the local artisan coffee place in half an hour for coffee and a bacon sarnie. Then train to Willesden Jn, another to Richmond, another to Teddington and finally to Hampton to meet up with some Dulwich mates for pints and football at Hampton, hopefully chat to the old Hendon management team. Going to at least try and pace myself on the booze.


gonna hit gym in a second and then drive to motherfucking waaaaales


I’m going to

Cambridge North :fireworks:

Nearly missed my train because (a) there were 200 parkrunners blocking my usual cycle route and (b) one of them had dropped their keys (on a bit of the path that’s not the parkrun route) and I felt duty-bound to hand them in to a steward.


^ This


Just had a peppered venison steak and hash brown sandwich for breakfast. Classy as all fuck.


Went to a really good gig last night (Cattle). Now off to serve popcorn to the hordes.


Just heard the 1975 for the first time ahahahahha jesus christ


saturday question: is the morning star good? i mean as good as journalism can be anyway? i have never read the morning star.


Feel angry today.

Going to prep a few meals if M will allow and do some baking if I can find a neighbour with icing sugar.

Think a friend is coming over this afternoon but I’m sure its subject to a hangover.


my Saturday morning dentist appointment was cancelled :beers: