It's saturday. here it is


I’ve got about 200g that went out of date in 2017 if that’s any use :sweat_smile:


this is one those those things that completely passed me by until I saw end of year lists and stuff

gonna go find out for myself what 1975 means


it has good articles and terrible articles


i will read it then


Yeah same but I’d heard enough about their creepy lyrics and yer man saying there was no misogyny in rock that made me happy to swerve them entirely. Luckily they’re exactly as shite as I’d imagined.


Ooo yes please! Sugar can’t really go out of date I don’t think so it’ll be cool.


:open_mouth: no way, this can’t be true??


I’m getting paranoid about some credit/post fraud.

Someone opened up a Next store card in my name. I noticed on Experian, phoned up last week said it wasn’t me and they put a stop to it. But they said that the credit agreement has already been sent out and to ignore it.

I’ve not received it, nor any other post. Phoned Royal Mail thinking perhaps someones put a redirection on my mail. But nothing.

Not sure if its just a build up after Christmas or if mail is being tampered with.

Might post myself a letter.


Cool I’m on me way to my garage now so will leave it on your doorstep :+1:


Well honey never does so I reckon it’s the same for sugar but I have made that up.


:exploding_head: you’re just messing with my head now, why don’t these treats go OOD? wtf? does everyone know this??


bacteria! bacteria is on everything, it must go out of date!


They’ve found honey in Egyptian pyramids that’s still edible.


Sheeeit just seem it’s royal icing sugar with added egg white… still good?


Just popped into GP surgery as I had a missed call and the shared care agreement has been approved! Saves me £40 a month which given I have zero spare income is a huge huge deal. Said thank you about twenty times to the receptionist and now in the car park grinning like an idiot. Was really worried as I know many if not most have been refusing recently because of problems with one of the private services.

What a brilliant morning.


Any employmenty or retail people tell me whether this job title lines up with the description? Finally been given a contract after 7 months and seems from my experience they’ve basically listed an assistant manager’s duties with the job title that will require the least amount of pay. Seems a bit shite. Or AIBU?


Well it lasts at least 3000 years

Suppose if you’re dipping a dirty knife or spoon in it regularly it might impact it’s shelf life though.



Hmm maybe not then. Can’t face a sick toddler.


some icing sugar has egg though

tbh it would just be stale - which you can taste before

it is very very very unlikely that icing sugar thats a year our of date would make someone sick