It's saturday. here it is


guys this has blown my mind. a mummy glazed with honey! honey in the tombs! honeytomb! (don’t know if that works)




I still haven’t played it, partly because i have no idea how long my playthrough would last


Hit peak Britishness by racing with someone who was gonna overtake me at the end of my Parkrun and then apologised profusely about doing it (I won)

Coffee and bath and RHONJ now :two_hearts:


Yeah same. The guy from it’s on 6music rn



CW: child death



Made an egg n cheese muffin and coffee, watching Bee Movie. #saturday


I can’t find it now but there was also a tomb found in a church in the south of England in which bodies had been partially embalmed in honey… remember writing about it for the bee blog.


I fucking love bees


Oh yeah @meowington I’m in Tromsø all next week! Have you looked into it yet? It’s obviously very different in summer and winter being that far north, but it’s generally a real nice place. In the European leads when it comes to bars per capita as well :sweat_smile:





Morning :cloud:
Bit miserable out there. Woke myself up by sneezing and snotting all down myself. Attractive. Probably a blessing that I never share a bed with anyone.
Gonna have several coffees before my deadline of 11 to properly get up


By means of the bee dance (waggle dance) a bee communicates to its hivemates in which direction they must fly to reach a food source.


  • The botched embalming of Pope Pius XII (1876–1958; pope 1939–1958) by a charlatan doctor—which only sped up the rate of decomposition—led to his body turning black and his nose falling off while lying in state, and the body disintegrated in the coffin. The Swiss Guards stationed around Pius XII’s body were forced to change shifts every 10 to 15 minutes, since the body’s odor caused some guards to pass out. The doctor who performed the embalming had also taken photos of the pontiff in his death throes, intending to sell them to tabloids. The Italian tabloids refused to buy the photos, and the doctor was banned from entering the Vatican City-State by John XXIII, who furthermore prohibited any photography of a deceased pope until the body is properly vested and laid out.



While she was cosplaying as Marilyn Mason and Mockingbird from Agents of SHIELD?

Possibly only @guntrip will get this reference fully


I would just get the online cheat and follow the path to the best ending.

Otherwise it’s basically like an interactive version of Groundhog Day where he doesn’t get out.


yeah that reads exactly like an assistant manager if you have those - deputising in the absence of the manager

employers are such chancers

don’t think there will be much you can do it you work in quite a small workplace and there aren’t people to compare yourself to e.g. someone being paid more for the same work


I haven’t looked that much into it but a friend of mine went this time last year I think and loved it! It definitely sounds somewhere we wanna go.

I’ll prob book things when we get back from hols in Feb! Bf does love a good bar :joy: