It's saturday. here it is


really really fancy doing a bit of cross country skiing right now

I wish I could go somewhere really far north for winter


First proper day I’ve been able to have a lie in and get a bit of Switch going in bed :sleeping_bed::space_invader:

Absolutely nae plans today, well excited.


Double almond croissant breakfast. Been to the post office to pick up some children’s card games cards. Now: coffee.

Might make a second attempt at putting up that cabinet that tried to kill me last weekend. Going to go full @plastics and put my bike helmet on for safety.


We don’t really have a structure like that, which I guess is why they can put all that extra stuff in there. I’m pretty sure my awful colleague has been secretly promoted without me knowing though, so I don’t know if hers has a different title/pay etc but I reckon it does.



:coffee: + :banana: + :muscle:


V hungover today. Went to a Bowie tribute night, saw loads of friends for the first time since before Christmas, was great hearing Blackstar songs that loud.

I dunno what to do today, first day off since last Friday. I’m off to Cambridge tomorrow to see my friends play/jam with the guy who played drums on Transformer and one of the Shadows which I’m really excited about (The Castle pub for anyone that’s around/interested).



got woken up by next door running a bath - dunno why they love baths so much all of a sudden but I swear this has happened the last few Saturdays, but never before in the four years we’ve lived here with the same neighbours. it was 10am though so not complaining too much, was probably time to get up anyway.

simultaneously looking forward to going to the football today (should be good! Brentford don’t suck too bad at the moment! Peter Crouch might play for Stoke! :heart_eyes:) and not looking forward to it (don’t feel great! reckon sitting outside for a couple of hours is a bad idea!) but we’ll see.

other than that… dunno?


Ooh we’re thinking of spending our honeymoon in Tromso! Might not seem like a typically honeymoon-ish place but it seems like a really cool place and we probably wouldn’t be able to afford to go otherwise.


Have to go and put some posters for my GF’s exhibition, while also dropping some stuff to the chazzer.

Would love to get absolutely demented with my mates tonight but I’m broke.


Lying in bed and measured my heart rate

76! Jesus.


Just got my postcard from @ghostpony :slight_smile: with chocolate coins, thanks so much. :slight_smile:


" Recent studies suggest a heart rate higher than 76 beats per minute when you’re resting may be linked to a higher risk of [heart attack]"(

Fuck me.


76 is not higher than 76 though, so you’re fine.


Snap. Lovely idea. Gonna send her one back.


Just slept for 1- hours :yum::yum: was pretty great
I organised aplaydate the other night with a friend to play smash at his house… Gonna message him and see if that’s cool :grin:


Have missed the deadline :sleeping_bed:


It was only a matter of time before the tiny magnet Jnr kept trying to put up her nose made its way up there. Day trip to the children’s hospital.


get married in the morning, burn the church down in the evening :metal:


Cool! What time of year are you thinking?


Alright? I’m having brunch at Tebay and a very good brunch it is. On my way down to Oxford to see my ATDs and going to stop off in Nottingham first to watch some indoor hockey.