It's saturday. here it is


Not sure really. We’ll not be able to go for a while after the wedding as we’ll need to save for a bit. When would be best do you reckon?


jam a spoon up there, it’ll pull the magnet right out

nb i am not a healthcare professional


Was 16 Hours

Now too nervous to call my friend and ask him. Honestly feels like asking someone on a date but worse


Well that was quite some movie. Going out for a run but it’s gonna be painful :grimacing:


Call and go in hard on the trash talk. Be all, "is this the number of the world’s worst Smash player? I found this number listed under, “embarrassing Smash n00b. Is it true you play like a blindfolded toddler?”


I mean I have never played smash so I’m gonna be shite :grin: just messaged him, should be cool


Oh no! Better wait until 12 then, to be on the safe side


All the more reason to get in his head from the off if you ask me.


Was hoping you’d say til the next 11o’clock tbh.




How much left, chief? Hope you’re getting some kind of medal for this.


I’m equally impressed and worried at this point!


I’d say maybe 1/5th left. Not sure about a medal but gout is deffo on the cards.


Keep looking at the original photo and then remembering how heavy it was and then thinking I’ve put all that into my face :flushed:


It does look very dense!
Still, fruit and nuts, maybe you’ll get mega hench from the… protein




It’s still proper boozy tasting though and quite moist so although it looks dense af it’s not too bad. Would you like me to post you a slice?


Just spent two hours lost in the woods. What a way to spend a Saturday. I need food and a lie down.


Ooh, please! :cake:


If you’re a key-holder and assisting in the training of others and covering for a manager then your title should be in the very least Team Leader, but probably Shift/Duty/Assistant Manager, and your pay should reflect that (typically in retail £1.50-£2.50 an hour more).