It's Saturday, no school today, so what you gonna do?

*mumbles some other words*


Morning all. How are you? Much planned for today?


Morning!! Got to go to the post office to send some things to my sister who is self isolating with a 1 and 4 yr old…then it’s first communion zoom again and then probably an afternoon sofa snooze.

Saturday 6.30 wake-up bring soothed by 6music and nice cup of tea in bed.

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The eldest has her first day after self-isolation today. A week and a half of surprise home education has been hard work! (Even though the school seem well-drilled and she was capable enough of getting her lessons from Google Classroom)


Is she at secondary now? Hope you are going on a great CCB walk to celebrate!

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Yes, I think so! Plans for the day:

  • walk (probably by the river)
  • pick-and-choose lunch
  • watch the football on the livestream
  • have some guacamole, salsa and corn chips
  • have some pizza and watch Moana

I think that’s about it


Morning ccb and slicky and future thread participants

No real plans. Might be cooking but then there is also the thing that coordinating enough to make breakfast has given me a headache so perhaps I’ll sack that off.

I really don’t like weekends.

Morning all!

I stayed up too late drinking rum last night and am hoping The Child is nice to me this morning. She’s been up demanding arts and crafts for about an hour now.


Morning FL :slight_smile: I hope that we can help in some tiny way to make your weekend better.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning @keith! I think there should be some reverse watershed before which no arts and crafts can be demanded by children. That’s what cbeebies is for.



Playing Zoom soccer saturday drinking game later. Probably the most stupid idea we’ve had for a while, but we need a catch up and couldn’t deal with another quiz.


Have to do a presentation over zoom for my phd today and I’m honestly very afraid but its better than doing it in person, which is terrifying


Thanks ccb :slight_smile:

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GL :crossed_fingers:

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By the way, I’m sorry that I’ve only replied personally to the first three people who posted in this thread. @avocado @aboynamedgoo @Crushd and all below, I hope you all have good days, too!


I’ve haggled her down to one of the many sticker books she has, although she’s now engrossed in Power Rangers on Netflix.

Been up for a fair while. Washed up, listened to Elbow, changed bed sheets. Hoover next. Might make a bacon sanger. Don’t think there are any plans today, want a trip to pick some beer up, but not overly fussed if that doesn’t happen. Might cook a nice dinner, but don’t know what yet.



On a Saturday?! That’s rough. Good luck!


Breads, cheeses, cold meat, pork pie, pickles, maybe some salad bits, crackers. Everything put in the middle of the table and we all get to pick and choose what we eat. (I think it’s just a buffet in regular terms?!)