It's Saturday, no school today, so what you gonna do?

it’s god damned so tasty

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Not quite a local Indian, but plenty of stuff from the fresh Indian section at Tesco.

Zoom music quiz number 31 later. I’ve got a good intros round tonight.

I am also doing an intros round on a zoom quiz. Couldn’t be bothered to prepare so going to go with really easy ones BUT it’s fastest finger so the novelty will be the shouting.

Mine are easy, but there are points for guessing the link, which is what the challenge is going to be


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:+1: :beers:

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also :beer: :watch: (pint tin o’ Stella, for full disclosure)

gonna rustle up some tacos soon. Not sure I’ve got much (if any) chilli powder apart from the painful in large quantities habanero stuff, so it might be tricky…

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  • The blue bits
  • The pink bits
  • They taste the same

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Hello! I had a nice day today. We went to an exhibition, I saw this guy:

Then we went to a nice bakery (it’s actually called nice time bakery :blush: ) and I bought a cinnamon roll. Then I bought lots of my favourite things from M&S because I haven’t been since March and then I got a flat white and we walked through a park all the way home. Felt like I was on holiday!! Hooray!!


Buster is growing bolder :sob:

buster needs taking down a peg or two.

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How’s Gerald bb

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good saturdaying Witches :+1:

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I have significantly overcarbed myself.


Deadheads’ music round: guess the date, venue, full set list, and which colour plaid shirt Jerry was wearing from a five second clip of crowd noise in a 40 year old bootleg.


Fuck I’m white

@NeilYoung to thread.

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It’s taken 3 years of regular bow wearing but I finally forgot to take my bow off when going into the shower

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