It's Saturday, no school today, so what you gonna do?

Sounds good. When I moved to Leeds I found out that this sort of thing is called a fuddle :man_shrugging:

So, enjoy your fuddle


Ah right, like an indoor picnic? Sounds good!

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It’s a good day for a divorce imo


Stayed up far too late listening to songs, then 3 hours after falling asleep M thought 5am would be a good time to get up.

So tired.

Plan was to go to the shop to buy cereal, and that was it but I dont have enough money to even do that.

I really don’t like weekends either :confused:

I think that’s a pretty solid and wholesome day to be honest.

Eating a mince pie. Up early to go play :flying_disc: before it rains



We’ve had the child in bed with us since 3am, so that’s nice. In other news, I’m defrosting the fridge this morning. It’s all go around here

Training diet for a professional frisbeeist is a lot more relaxed than I imagined.


At work. Took 2 diazepam before bed last night to help my back pain and it’s made me mighty groggy.

good morning DiS

just to remind you lovely people that we’re doing a DiS secret santa

send me a PM if you want to join in (everyone welcome)

have a nice day

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Woke up a little early, bf is still sleeping so I am contemplating going for a run…

Probably won’t though let’s be honest

Your partner is upset about a sore spot coming up on their chin
Do you

  • Tell them spots don’t last but your love will
  • Give the spot a name

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Cooked a massive lentil soup last night so probably just eat that today?


More of a “will your mate be joining us for dinner?” vibe



I’ve run out of avocados which is annoying, but the good news is that this means I’ll be having a trip to the supermarket to buy some, which is the only plan I have for the entire weekend. I might buy one today the go back tomorrow for another one.

Oh shit no I do have other plans! Our bubble pal is coming over tonight for food, we’re going to watch the Doctor Who film with Paul McGann which I’ve not seen since it first aired.

Big dog walk.
Afternoon pint in front of a fire.
Showing my face to do an as-yet non-existent music round at someone’s birthday…Zoom quiz!

Oh well good morning.

Spent last night texting the wrongun while pissed.

It seems my parting shot was ‘good night beautiful. Have a lovely weekend. I love you because you’re shy. Its endearing.’

  • Bin. Find one.
  • It’s OK that’s sweet if a little gushy.

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I mean, I read + drink coffee in bed every day but I’m doing it extra weekendy today!

Will be good to rest my legs after two (short!) days on a shop floor. One of those things you forget about, how physical it is to work in a shop. My thighs were so sore last night :sweat_smile:

Plans include knitting, telly, possibly some zoom quality time with The Girls ™. Might go outside for a bit when the sun’s meant to pop out later on.