It's saturday!

I’m eating a bagel with fried egg and cheese, might have a heart attack in a bit. Spending the day recording then going to see Blade Runner II: Revenge of the Blade Runner tonight.

What bout you, babes’? Plans, etc.?

morning man. just had some porridge with walnuts. s’alright. listening to some records. might go back to bed for a bit

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Morning 'ricIV! And others posting before and after.

No football today.

Babes: I’m probably watching the child for the morning while Wor Lass either goes to her craft club or to the gym.

Later: Meeting an old work colleague for a coffee/ lunch.

Later: Hopefully watch a film and drink some wine.

Morning! Waiting for the wife to wake up so we can have some breakfast. Then it’ll be a three hour drive to bath to catch up with an old mate before heading into Bristol for Shellac.

Morning eric, bird, Keith ect

Working the late tonight and all day tomorrow, so this weekends a write off really. Just brewing up a lot of tea then breakfast. Low key really

Morning team. Eating eggs and browns which is probably a mistake as I’m play hockey in 75minutes. Actually I should have left by now. Catching up with a friend who plays for the away team afterwards then got to show some people round my flat. Might go to the cinema as my unlimited pass is about to run out - is there anything good on?


Son’s 3rd birthday party. So family and a load of 3 year olds


Not really my scene, tbh


Taking the dog to kennels and then driving to Bristol for SHELLAC. I just need to get out of bed…

I usually have a 90 minute cut off for food before sport. usually something simple like a bowl of cereal. eggs and browns huh? best of luck!

Had bit of sourdough with marmite and some yogurt, cup of tea.

Got kids party runs to do today plus sorting out load of work work…fun times.

I’ve got yet another kitchen design appointment. Really CBA but it’s booked.

Still got the price down from £24k to around £6k for roughly the same kitchen.

Morning. Probably gonna have a walk around town. The UN building is having an open day today so I might pop in and have a look around. There’s also a beer festival this weekend but I’m thinking of leaving it until tomorrow as everything is closed here on Sundays and I’ll need something to do.

Morning. Taking a break from decorating to text 6music. Let’s see how this goes.

Same here, but we’re both semi-professionals, aren’t we?

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Well it was worth a try


Hahaha not sure if anyone heard that :smiley:

did they read it out? note the timestamp and find it on iplayer later