It's Saturday ๐ŸŽ‰

just been to the shops, can confirm itโ€™s not good. People buying like 24 bottles of wine and a cuddly turkey, lots of sequin stuff - managed to resist buying a sequin dress although i REALLY really want one as itโ€™s a bit of a one wear item innit?

just got an email - monki sale is on - YES!


Shop well for less had blue sequin dresses on and now I want a blue sequinned dress but nowhere to wear it to. :woman_shrugging:

Might give it another half an hour so that everyone goes home for tea

i want this one

BuyWarehouse Rainbow Sequin Wrap Dress, Multi, 8 Online at

but similarly, no parties for Slickster this yearโ€ฆwell only one which isnโ€™t really a sequin dress style event


Parents evenings? :smiley:


I wish there were more opportunities in life to wear sequinned dresses


Haha, can you imagine, a bunch of boys in band t-shirts and I turn up in full length sequins :joy:


Totally failing to light a fire here. My chemistry training is working too well.

Iโ€™d pay to see that!

if only I was nearer Scotland Iโ€™d well be up for a sequin double bombโ€ฆ


Woke up slightly hungover, ventured out to the living room to my girlfriend playing Madonna โ€œLa Isla Bonitaโ€ at an ungodly volume while wrapping xmas presents. Poker night at my buddies tonight, better win.



Dunno whether to takeaway. Or freezer food.

Ah my daughters were doing the exact same while I was at the football :slight_smile:


Today really stinks.

Made a load of vegan choc chip cookies and mince pies this afternoon. Iโ€™ve snacked on them so much that I donโ€™t think I have room for any actual adult food for dinner :pregnant_woman:t3:

a phrase now used more in jest than seriously by most people here nowadays but the humour probably doesnโ€™t travel well at all so probably shouldnโ€™t have posted it in here really

Ohhh right yeah, I was thinking it was something to do with brexit.

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Planned to but M woke up and demanded we watch a cartoon. Iโ€™ll finish it tonight though.

Watching it now and really enjoying it :thinking::joy:

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