It's Saturday πŸŽ‰


Haha, can you imagine, a bunch of boys in band t-shirts and I turn up in full length sequins :joy:


Totally failing to light a fire here. My chemistry training is working too well.

I’d pay to see that!

if only I was nearer Scotland I’d well be up for a sequin double bomb…


Woke up slightly hungover, ventured out to the living room to my girlfriend playing Madonna β€œLa Isla Bonita” at an ungodly volume while wrapping xmas presents. Poker night at my buddies tonight, better win.



Dunno whether to takeaway. Or freezer food.

Ah my daughters were doing the exact same while I was at the football :slight_smile:


Today really stinks.

Made a load of vegan choc chip cookies and mince pies this afternoon. I’ve snacked on them so much that I don’t think I have room for any actual adult food for dinner :pregnant_woman:t3:

a phrase now used more in jest than seriously by most people here nowadays but the humour probably doesn’t travel well at all so probably shouldn’t have posted it in here really

Ohhh right yeah, I was thinking it was something to do with brexit.

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Planned to but M woke up and demanded we watch a cartoon. I’ll finish it tonight though.

Watching it now and really enjoying it :thinking::joy:

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I should be a firefighter, such is my talent for making combustible materials not catch light.

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