It's Saturday....

… and I’m visiting the shrines of Kyoto while eating matcha ice cream. Just found a Studio Ghibli shop - hundreds of Totoros on sale.



I loved Kyoto so much. Some good shrining to be had… and there’s one with some lovely street food outside. :+1:

Think I was in bed asleep for 9:30 last night :metal:
Today I’m going to Leeds v millwall :fire:
This morning not too much planned. Cheese on toast and coffee for breaking :yum:

Also is the blossom coming out there yet? Must be on its way?

Some trees are in full bloom, others are just budding.

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Why am I awake?

:jp: sounds :ok_hand:

Morning! I might visit my local trig point this morning. Rest of the day will be spent mooching around.

Good morning. Very jealous of Japan Colin. Thinking that’s our honeymoon destination.

Currently listening to Dylan laying in bed with my daughter whacking my face, and about to make a cuppa

Mega jealous! Kyoto is beautiful. Practically every other building is a shrine.

Awake early again after about my 20th night of poor sleep in a row. :sleeping:

Wife’s away today and we have a couple of viewings on our house this morning so need to make sure it’s presentable before clearing out. Might treat myself to a nice breakfast out whilst the estate agent shows them round.

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Awake dead early but excited for spending a day painting garden fences. Then doing a bbq this evening. First one of the year!

I’ll look after your dog

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I love the way they welcome you in a konbini. It’s the absolute model of CBA forced politeness.

Anybody got any any Saturday morning album recommendations along the likes of 60s Dylan or Neil Young?

Tapestry obvs, Nick Drake, Leon Russell by Leon Russell.

John Wesley Harding always seems to fit.

Edit: along the lines, I mean…it is Dylan but my point still stands that it’s a fine Saturday morning record.

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Morning all :slight_smile:

Busy day ahead: I need to get some Mother’s (Mothers’?) Day bits with the girls this morning. Then football this afternoon (King’s Lynn vs elthamsmateHalesowen) then SSPP and a film chosen at random from a series of envelopes. Oh and I have an interview for the permanent version of my job so I need to do some prep at some stage.

SPRENINO folk - I was thinking of coming this time but I’m going to need to spend most of Sunday prepping for an interview and I don’t want to feel like death! Have a good one :beers:

Shave n shower
Big dog walk
Pints/ferocious banter
Early exit due to dog being a knob
Hotel room sulk

morning DiS. off on a bike ride in a bit.

:coffee: : made
:fried_egg: : cooked
:bike: : sorted


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Morning all!

Jimbo slept the whole night in his own bed and didn’t wake up until 7. Consequently, I’m feeling human again.

Another day of solo parenting again - Jimbo’s got acro-tots this morning, then I think we’ll go and have chips on the beach for lunch since it’s a nice day, and I’ve downloaded the Lego movie for him to watch this afternoon. I’ve also promised him pizza for dinner - not the most educational day for him, but an easy day after yesterday is what’s needed.

Man, I miss Japan.

My thighs are so sore from yesterday, got two tours back to back today so at least 4 hours of walking - think my legs might fall off.

Please don’t make me get out of bed.

Was exactly what I was listening an hour and a half ago. My go to Dylan album atm