It's Saturday....

Work in a bit. Going to bring my shorts out of hibernation I think, it’s another great day. Got a load more stock-taking to get done which is fucking rubbish but making hot dogs for tea and might have a few beers so that’ll make up for it.

Up way too early, gonna make some breakfast and coffee and watch frasier til the tv gets up. Need to finish unpacking properly this weekend. Fun.


The cat has been bugging me to get up but I’m determined to have a lie-in.

Bus to Clonmel at half-ten, meeting some ATDs for the rugby then hanging out with my brother for the evening.

Love this story too.

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Need to get up in a minute as I have a PT session at 9am :sleeping:. Might go for a swim and breakfast afterwards if it’s not too busy. Then I need to come up with a plan for the rest of the day.

Judee Sill!


Going to ride my new bike this morning then off to Sevenoaks to do some volunteer teaching this pm!

Roy Harper, Stormcock.

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Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue.


Only a day trip I’m afraid WC, so won’t have a chance to get there :frowning:

I did meet Miffy though


Great record! :ok_hand:

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Just been delivered a coffee in bed by my eldest. I could get used to this.

Should probably get up and walk the dogs soon.

Later on we’re taking a stroll up to the parish hall to mooch around the village photography competition.

Happy Saturday all.


My friend has been offered a job in Tokyo, the lucky little scamp. I will have to save up the money and visit him eventually.

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Grateful Dead - American Beauty and Blue jeans & Moonbeams by Captain Beefheart

I really need a wee but my bf has been in the bathroom for ages

Sup DiS, I just watched an episode of the R Kelly documentary and now I’m going to play some Lego Star Wars. I’m so close to being done with this game now. So damn close.

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Morning czUK, all,

Went to be around 2 last night, which was a mistake. We were woken up at the shrieking hour by a disgruntled 2 year old. After a few more winks he arrived at our door and has since been garbling nonstop nonsense and bashing an array of small plastic devices. For a short while we exchanged cars down a plastic tube. We then made sure the small plastic figure was secure innanother type of car before going for a drive over the land of duvet.

I seem to have done a number on my right knee, which I’m now struggling to bend. This could be another career endimg injury if I’m not careful. Thankfully friendly garbling hero has been on hand to jump, kick and through things at it, so it’ll be back in working order before we know it.

Really need a wee. Can’t be bothered to put more clothes on but i really need a wee and don’t really want to go there in just my boxers and i don’t want to move. Really need a wee.

What do you reckon my chances are pf getting a Rockstone Burger today?


Kath Bloom

How many did you buy?



I really dislike Saturdays. Might try get R to have his hair cut, but it is taking us so long to get ready that the barbers might be too busy/R will have gone off the idea.

Just cba with anything and would quite like a quiet stress free day away from family.

… none :frowning:

I couldn’t choose. Hopefully we’ll see another one in Tokyo or Osaka.

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