It's Saturday


Went to my first gig in 18 months (!) last night and danced my tits off, got in at 4am and now I’m awake.

No plans for the day, will watch Leicester smash Huddersfield and I might eat some tuna.

What will you do with your Saturday?


Morning Juke! I’m on my way to work. First day of the holidays so it’s likely to be busy :nauseated_face: Not much else to report. Enjoy your Saturdays everyone!

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New peanut butter marmite on toast for breakfast. It’s not bad actually. Taking the cat to the vets in about half an hour for her boosters, the birthday drinks for a friend this afternoon.

For some reason I have agreed with R to taking him out. On a Saturday. Also it involves going to Stratford. On a Saturday.

Nice knowing you all.


Aaaaaand it turns out I’ve packed the work shirt that’s too small for me after the tumble dryer. So now I’m irked by work and I look like my stomachs been inflated with a pump. Great.


Morning Juke, Funkhouser, Rob, FL and etc

What gig was it @Scunner?

I’m heading into the pinetum with the dogs this morning, cinema this afternoon, and beers/pet sematary (the original, which I’ve never seen) this evening. Solid saturdaying.


I am going to Hebden Bridge. I hope it is a nice bridge.


Mornings Jook, all,

I woke up earlier and thought to myself silently without making a noise so as not to wake ‘er over there up,’ it’d better be later than 7:01’. Looked over at the blasted clock only to discover it was precisely, by its count, 7:01. Worst thing is though, that clock’s a minute fast, so i can’t even guess the time correctly :upside_down_face:

Need to wash up. Didn’t get anything for breakfast, have to be on a train to Bristol at 11:45. Think my plan of action is to get right the way out of bed in a minute, prove my local gero credentials and set about making rhe kitchen functional again, before cooking some eggs and making a banana smoothie.

I hope to chat more when I’ve earned some free minutes. Take care.

Oooh, before i go, my throat is feeling lots better today, only a very teeny weeny little frog left. I’ve not inspected my tonsils yet, i expect they’ll still be a bit swollen but I think I’m through the worst of it and hopefully not contagious, when I see my friends later.


Hebbers is pretty good - nice loop you can do through the forest. Photo on my last album cover was taken there.


Going to try to make some banana vegan pancakes that will probably be disgusting


Morning. Throat is still sore so skipping parkrun. Going to pick up my Yo La Tengo CD from the depot and listen to that and read War and Peace, catch up on two DiS clubs.


What going there for?

Checking out the Vocation tap?

Can a little walk to Sylvia Plath’s grave too.

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Hi. Scratchy throat squad checking in.

Got a play date maybe at the park but hopefully at our house. Then shopping and food and then bed. Fuck totally CBA today, on a Saturday no less.

A Czech dude called Ventolin
He’s my new hero

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Oh my. That’s quite something.

The video looks like a scene from League of Gentlemen.

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right at the start, is that a tiled oven?

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On my way out to the horses now (expect some horse snaps!). Having my nearly 5 year old nephew around for a sleepover later :hugs:

There’s a tap room? Splendid. Going there as am considering it as a place to live, have never been before, and am in the area. Ish.

Hey all. Up dead early, and have been napping. Watching some crap on cbeebies and about to have a veggie fry. Off to work on the late shift. Saturdays are rubbish