It's Saturday!

Good morning all. How are you today? What do your Saturdays hold in store? Happy weekend!

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Need to get in a train to football soon.


Currently I’m still in bed. At some stage I need to get up and start prepping to make a roast for lunch - a bit unusual but when we bought shopping we’d forgotten that cheekster 2 is out tomorrow so we had to bring the Sunday lunch forward to Saturday.

Other than that: might pop into town later, then going to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol later :frog: :christmas_tree:


Hello! Gym and getting my nails done later. I love them but they’re so long now I can’t type :joy:


Fucking love that frog :frog:

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:musical_note: :frog: There’s magic in the air tonight :frog: :musical_note:


V v v tired

Morning all!

I started a thread but got distracted by The Child so didn’t end up posting it.

We’ve watched the first twenty minutes of the sequel to The Emperor’s New Groove and the live action Aladdin, and we’ve just started Flushed Away. The Child has a cough and we’ve run out of Calpol.

We’re supposed to be going to pizza lunch followed by a Xmas concert in town, both with Wor Lass’s friend and her family. I’m not hugely enthused by the prospect.

This feels like the start of an episode of One Foot in the Grave… I imagine hilarity will ensue throughout the day! Hope you get it sorted m9 :grimacing:


Got another cold :upside_down_face:

Really hungry but cba to leave my bed. Going to straighten my hair which will take at least a whole film or 2 1hr episodes so gotta fuel up for that. My room had a random wasp in it last night who disappeared before i opened the window so I feel genuinely quite anxious about it, where did it come from? Where did it go? Does it come from a nest? Wasp nests are terrifying :sob:

always find the music board stressful around this time of year. too many threads with 2021 in the title


I’m like ‘hey, I listened to the new Low and the new Self Esteem and the same old stuff I’ve been listening to for the last two decades’


On lates this week, so on my way into work now. It’s a beautiful day down here, going to have to try to remember that when it’s super busy later. After today there’s only two Saturdays before Christmas, how did that happen?

think it was the thread titled Music you’ve discovered from Listmas™️ 2021 that sent me over the edge


Reading Billy Bragg’s biography, listening to Now 76 and watching Buxton v Morecambe. I am a true renaissance man.


Plus I may have just found the most Lancashire video ever :sweat_smile:


Should I get delivery fry up or be really really patient and wait til 11 for normal McDonald’s

  • Fry up
  • Normal McDonald’s
  • Go to the shop you lazy waste of space

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You’re QTS now - you can do what the fuck you want.


I’m in Leeds at my sisters, the whole family are going to be here almost (it’s not a very big family, don’t get the wrong idea)

I wish these I was feeling a bit happier and could enjoy these kind of things more. Also my sister’s house makes me feel like a failure as an adult