It's SOMEONE's turn to make the thursday evening thread

but I gues I’LL have to do it AGAIN!!! You know who you are.

wuu2 this eve? i did a good run just now so i’m rewarding myself with breakfast for dinner. truly one of life’s greater pleasures. might watch some telly. might have a bath. might watch some nerds stream their nerd game. it’s all up for grabs really.


Ignoring the clusterfuck in the kitchen and staying up past my bedtime to play a computer game

At least you’re not dead eh!


Chicken pizza for dinner. No plans for tonight, other than being a bit annoyed I’m not out at the Lime Garden gig at the Hope & Ruin


Got the balti bowl out for dinner and did a sweet potato and prawn effort. Really nice. I really like the texture the sweet potato adds to it.

Going to watch the Wolves match and drink some Guinness for the rest of the evening.

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Not working but it was a You Died video.

You might have seen it before.

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Late home cause of tour so grumpy and tired. Having what we call ‘steaky creamy cheesy chips’ for dinner though and got profiteroles and a big Nigerian Guinness for pudding.

mac cheese for dinner with extra peas

no plans tonight, feel like watching something good so maybe a film with a fizzy wine?

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Really miss this - I can’t find anywhere that stocks it locally (although I should probably just talk to the beer wankers) that isn’t a restaurant.

Pics pls

hi had spaghetti and sun dried tomatoes gonna get fucking leathered now, feels like one of those

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Used to get it for my old work through a cash n carry supplier but only in 330ml, this is a 600ml bottle that the courier I use at work brings me back from London. Sorry, this is of no use to you whatsoever.


Kick a man while he’s down, why don’t you


Sure I saw it in Sainsbo’s earlier.

Possibly the least photogenic food there is. Oven chips with chopped up sandwich steak, peppercorn sauce, cheese and double cream.


sounds flipping amazing. Looks very Swedish.


Have the evening to myself so I’m currently in the pub and have just finished my book. Off home soon for some pizza.

Started The Morning Show

Evening bbz

Big Thief night innit. Having a wine, wearing my gold boots, have a shirt dress on which I only ever wear as like a baggy top with jeans but I’ve gone for tights instead. Must remember this as firstly its shorter than I’m comfortable with, and secondly i may well accidentally tuck it into my tights before the night is out.
Don’t @ me if you’re in the crowd and witness this inevitability.