It's St George's Day and I have some questions

We’ve had Greece and Malta already, I thought he was Palestinian. I’m starting to think he was wasn’t a real person and there was no dragon

Imagine if it turned out he was actually English. Imagine.

I’m imagining it…

I don’t think it matters where he was from as England’s melting pot is clearly part of it’s identity. Unless of course apparently if you’re really really into England in which case it somehow isn’t.

The dragon was Syrian, of that I’m sure.

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Nothing much any more since Sharia law made it illegal to say you’re English


One of the Countdown lads who is a big community character but also inappropriate around women lollllll I should know put up an insta pic of him wearing an England flag as a cape. He may or may not be naked/shirtless underneath (it is unclear)

It is the only post he has ever made on Instagram.


I feel like flying an English flag is better than a Union Jack despite the former being closer to a literal red flag



I’m trying to get angry about the English flag but I only get a little cross.


A couple of years ago I went out for a walk on St George’s Day and saw three separate troupes of Morris Dancers, so while it’s illegal to say it you can at least heavily imply it through interpretative dance still.


Seems like he really nailed the spirit of the app

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Reckon this is the worst post ever on this site except maybe the moonwalking one


We did the George and Dragon story as school plays TWICE when I was in primary school (a long time ago), so I have played both George AND the dragon on stage. Felt more comfortable as the dragon, especially as the role of George involved having to give the princess a kiss after I rescued her. Urgh! Girls!


The cubs are being encouraged to put on their uniforms tonight when they come out and clap at 8pm

This is tremendous.

Sounds ripe for a mass Countdown community parody imo

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i’m trying to think if there’s another country’s flag where your first thought is ‘oh… racists’ rather than ‘oh they like that country’


When you were the dragon was there any backstory? Was he eg a Celtic dragon or was he from the home counties