It's Sunday and we're all hungry 06-10-2019

Reckon if you cook your own rice you balance the delivery fee out but fair do’s

Oh we do, oh oh oh we do! Still managed to spend £45 last time and that was after the 25% off :grimacing:

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Had BFL (breakfast for lunch)

Was good, but needed bacon and more toast.

Later I think we have some sort of tagliatelle thing.


You’ve already decided, but I’d also recommend this:

It’s extremely tasty & with some gravy it just makes it so so good.


You’re forgiven :kissing_heart:

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That looks great! Those roasties need to go back in the oven though.

Gonna take the family out for Sunday lunch at a proper boozer. Football on the telly, pool, fruit machines and a meat raffle.


Preparation: complete


got pretty much nothing to eat today, some noodles and that’s about it

hungry, for lunch, but I can’t be bothered to leave the flat. what to do, what to do

Feeling very ill because of a stinking cold

But got to get my neece a babychino and cake so all is k



Would kill for some toast right now.

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found some pearl barley that I bought ages ago and forgot to use. what do you with pearl barley? stews I guess. anyone got any good recipes involving pearl barley?

Looks great, saved for next time

Making vegan chilli. With absolutely not vegan sour cream and cheese.

It’s going to take me absolutely ages as M will want me to stick googly eyes on things or draw her pictures of dog poo so that’ll be for dinner tonight. Not sure about lunch, beans on toast probably.


Will be shortly making stuffing-crusted pork steaks, roast potatoes, green beans, carrots, gravy and yorkshire puddings. Got some leftover chilli needs eating as well so that’ll be supper.

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Oh boy. You always make me want to eat meat (wahey!)


I will be making a large vegan lasagna with rocket salad
I will also be making a lemon polenta cake :grimacing:


Pop round anytime :wink:

We (specifically Mrs F) are going to be massively cutting down our meat consumption from now on so this week has been like a last meaty hurrah.

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Sweetcorn on a roast dinner

  • I have sweetcorn with my roasts from time to time
  • I do not

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