It's Sunday apparently

Alright? Plans? Shoot!

Hello! My plans are:

  1. Put phone back down
  2. Go back to sleep

My ability to do 2 depends on my resolve to do 1.

Are you at work today? Hope it’s not too hectic and stressful


Probably no plans. Youngest seems to have recovered but now wife is feeling ill. Wife has been ill like 3 times in a few months!* Take some vitamins or something ffs!! I can’t do this alone!!
*looking forward to karma striking me down with this soon, but until then, irked!!

I’m at work for 9. Finishing at 6.30. pfft

Knobbed and hungover

Had three very different very vivid dreams last night, one of which I woke from jolting and screaming. All involved me being about to die.

Wondering if I should maybe try to avoid leaving the house today :neutral_face:



I need to get rid of the teenagers that are currently littering up my house (eldest daughter had a sleepover - I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for).

First up, though, I’m going to walk the dogs, for a bit of quiet time.

Taking my mam out for her 65th birthday lunch later.

Cycling out to the sulby Glen to have a massive breakfast with my dad and his mates, then cycling round the North til two pm when I’m meeting my atd for coffee!



Was too scared to sleep most of the night because of noises I could hear but didn’t want to investigate. Might go full apocalypse and just get metal shutters on all my windows.

Got to do some work tonight so hoping for a nice easy lazy day until then. Time for chai :yum:



Yes. No.


I’m surprisingly unhungover for being at a festival yesterday.

No plans for today, but the sun’s out, so it would be rude to stay in


Just the 5 house viewings today.

Some fucker had better buy it after I’ve spent the last 5 days pretending to be Martin from Homes Under The Hammer.

Hoping the sun is still shining once they’re all done so I can take the dog for a nice walk.





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Could demolish a McMuffin meal rn, ngl.


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Swimming lesson for the littlest, gymnastics for the biggest, big shop and housework. Tired just thinking about it.

Beautiful walk into work along the river