It's Sunday apparently

Morning, got about 25 inches of snow yesterday. Now its 1 degree F. Breakfast>plow some snow>do some work>NFL Playoffs.

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Enjoying all the love for national treasure Rylan on Twitter after the pathetic non story the crappy tabloids have printed about him.
I won’t hear a bad word said about him. A gem of a human being.


Drinking a lovely Purdey’s in lieu of ivermectin to stave off whatever puking virus is doing the rounds in the house. #invincible

Peely Wally complexion?

Getting up soon.

Another vgn pastrami and mustard on rye. Love this rye so much. Hope I have enough left for stew dunking later

Probably have a ‘wee daunder’ and maybe a wee pint

Just remembered time I said I’d do something after I was back from my potter and my sister in law thought I’d been to see someone about pottery.

Compliment but that person is also odd :smiley:

Going to go for a very short walk just to get off my phone and get a bit of sunlight and then clean the windows with my new steam cleaner, which I am now contemplating buying all the accessories for, like toys for a pet


What have you named it?



100% this. He seems incredibly nice and has been having a hard time. How is that even in the news? Michael Gove has admitted it FFS.

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Wife still testing pos

Me testing neg

I ideally need to go to B&Q

  • Mask up you’ll be reet
  • Dunno about that son

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What a fucking day. Lost all power in the café, then an old dude falls backwards on the escalator. I’ve just spent 1hr sat in a very uncomfortable position supporting him whilst an ambulance arrives, only to be told that they won’t be along for 2hrs! The dude fucking stinks as well, so now I stink. Wonderful.

At least theres a guy impersonating Elvis outside called Delvis


CW: grim

Oh great, he has chronic diarrhoea, so now I’m covered in an old guy’s shit

Bah! This is no help!

Aw yeah, my fave instagram account just liked my post.

Some excellent dork points there.


Going home for a hot cross bun and a shower


Peter Mandelson, right, went MAD.

:frowning: hope he’s alright and you’re doing ok too