It's Sunday apparently

Ugh, that’s horrible. Think mine is because I’ve been half dosing my venlafaxine because either the GP surgery or pharmacy has messed up. Always gives me horrible sweaty nightmares :slightly_frowning_face:

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I have a really sore bum cheek, like I pulled a muscle while I was running through your dreams last night.


Got some cold pizza for brekkie so that’s good

Neeeed to do some interview prep and clean the flat a bit but it’s a lovely day so I will also for a walk down to the beach


Had a great walk along a river yesterday with all the in-laws and arranged another walk today around a village but gosh am I tired


Drank a whole pint of water, ate some quavers and took my make up off before bed last night. :slightly_smiling_face: Well done past me.


Cleaned the kitchen, taken delivery of the shopping, changed the cat litter and read loads of my book, all before 11am. It’s all downhill from here.


Taking the kid out for a walk then dropping her at nanny’s so wife and I can go see Wet Leg tonight and get drunk.


:smiley: lovely lovely stuff hahahaha

Morning chumps

We went to the Purple Turtle last night and guess what music they played? The exact same music they have played every bloody time I’ve ever been there. It is so so so so boring. I asked the DJ how old he was and he claimed to be 22 but wouldn’t play Kenny Hoopla.


Still had a fun night though and tbh I looked well hot in my outfit.


Stayed out til gone midnight last night. Genuinely cannot remember the last time I did that. Wild.

Bro is cooking a gigantic roast for lunch. Smelling great already. Just off for a quick Prosecco/wine run :running_man:

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Still playing doctor to A. The only medicine I can be sure will fight covid is:


Is this a real artist? Sounds like a character from the Mighty Boosh to me


Why do the djs think that people 10 years younger than us want to hear music from 20 years ago? I fucking don’t want to listen to it.

  • Using the same playlist every Friday and Saturday night for 14 years
  • Playing some music from the last 5-10 years

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Some songs we heard last night

Killing in the Name
Feel Good Inc
I Write Songs not Tragedies
Thanks fr the mmries or however its spelled
Last Resort
Chop Suey
All my Life
Mambo No 5

Lovely sunny day here.I feel like I should go for a walk, really, but also feeling lazy and have a cat lying on me, so :man_shrugging:


Anyone up for one of my overly bossy activity threads about snacks? Have an IDEA

  • I like snacks AND overly bossy activity threads
  • I only like snacks sorry
  • I only like overly bossy activity threads sorry
  • I just don’t really like things sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

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Did you take this?!?! Or are you indicating that you’re seeing puffins or eating lots of fish? Or something else I can’t intuit?


Gonna do it anyhow, obviously.