It's Sunday, innit?

Really want another coffee, but we’re all out of milk until the shopping gets delivered, which could be now or could be in an hour. I could pop to the coop, but that would guarantee the Sainsbury’s van would be outside when I got back.

Morning, wide awake at 4am. Yuck.

Picked a great day to do my washing :roll_eyes:

Back to bed instead!

I go back to work tomorrow after two weeks off and I’ve already got the dread.

I’m still in bed with a purring cat curled up on me, so I’m not going anywhere for a while.

This afternoon I’ll be going to football and visiting my parents after. I’m pretty shattered despite having time off, I’m not looking forward to tomorrow.

:hugs: :hugs:


Morning crew

Had a fun evening with the kids last night - did Carne Asada tacos on the BBQ (with mushrooms instead of steak for the vegan) was fucking ace and justified my hour long search for charcoal beforehand (BBQ season is officially over despite it being really sunny yesterday)

We then watched The Innkeepers and some Parks and Rec before bed.

Rainy now as promised. Might have some eggs for brekkie. Need to think of something to cook later. Not sure I CBA with a roast after having lots of meat last night

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Dreamt that someone kicked a miniature rugby ball really high and it landed straight on Stephen Hawking’s head


The shopping’s only just come, and the milk had leaked EVERYWHERE. Still, it meant they refunded loads of it (that they let us keep), and there’s no use crying over spilt milk. Now, coffee.

That sounds AMAZING :yum:

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Going to the local garden centre this morning (what has become of me?) but there’s all sorts of things to entertain kids like a playpark and petting zoo and grown adults dressed up as paw patrol characters (no judgment- I’m only sad it wasn’t A Thing when I was a student) and we’ll probably have lunch at the restaurant there. Then we are supposed to be going trampolining this afternoon but I’ve just remembered an article I read by an ortho expert who said you shouldn’t let kids under the age of 7 jump on these things as their bones aren’t properly developed so I need to think about alternatives that I can persuade my friend and her older kids to do instead- toy story 4 at cinema perhaps.

My boyfriend is currently trying to explain twitter handles to our 3 year old.


Ooh thunder


It’s definitely raining, isn’t it?


Think i’m still hungover from friday. Drinking a pot of coffee and then i’ve gotta spend 4 hours in a small sweaty room with four smelly men. At least I’ve got a mexifeast to look forward to tonight.

good luck with that, it’s absolutely minging out there

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I am up minding the kitten, though I did not get a lot of sleep as our other cat decided to noisily hack up a hairball in our bedroom around six.

The band will be thankful you’re waiting until after practice for this.

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Got up. Felt rubbish. Gone back to bed.

Classic Sunday.


Passed an old boy rocking an interesting look on the way back from the shop: sheepskin coat, shorts, white socks and shiny black shoes. Only a matter of time before the hipsters adopt that I reckon.

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Didn’t have tacos a GRUB, so had a burger last night. Still want tacos. Shit! Also rugby

This post got straight to the point and I’m a bit sad about not saying hello first.

I don’t mind so much playing in the rain, it’s knowing I’ll have a huge bag full of wet kit at the end of it.