It's Sunday m9s

-3 here, my weather app says feels like -6 :scream:

My day: coffee, porridge, turbo, shower, possible cinema, possible pub quiz. Wbu huns?

Last day of my week off. Going to spend it fending off some massive dread :grimacing: Having a roast at my parents’ house later so that might help.

Got a cold and my lips are all dry and sore and i cant breafhe. Yuck.

Don’t think I’ll do anything today apart from eating and showering.

Weather app says it feels like -6 so this supports the going nowhere i have planned.

Off on me accounting course

Doing the winter 10k in London this morning. Supposed to be with Mrs Z (Che wanted to do an ‘event’ 10k). Not sure if she’s coming yet - lots of procrastination going on this morning!

Also -6 here so dragging kids out to walk to church in ten minutes.

Then it’s a load of work, and then Vincent’s trampoline park birthday party. No, I’m not jumping. :smiley:


Ended up not getting much work done last night between needy dog, kid with cold and my utter addiction to emoji charades (that last one is my fault) so now I’ve got some catching up to do! Happy frozen Sunday everyone.

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Please don’t slip on some ice cz :heart:




Not that hungover…
Gonna make some cheese today. Then go grab some food n booze for the Super Bowl :superhero: :owl:

Starts at 9:30 and I still look and feel like this



I won £30 on the lottery!

Gonna spend the day making it rain and drinking cristal



I’ve got a sore throat and a snotty nose. I’m currently trying to motivate myself to take the dogs for a walk; and failing.

Later on I shall eat too much lunch, drink a beer, and doze off on the sofa. Standard dad Sunday.

Fell asleep too early,woke up too early,chances of watching the whole superbowl 0/10

Baby puking, wife puking, 4 year old was puking on Wednesday…when will I start puking?

  • Sunday morning
  • Sunday afternoon
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Never, I believe in your ability to be impervious to disease and your only weakness is Dr P Zero

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Actually had a lie in this morning!

Pros: feel actually well rested.
Cons: really confusing being up when everyone else is.


I’m tired

Hey niki!

Work out something nice to make for lunch

What about aeroplanes, birds, and clouds, Air Wick? What about them?