It's Sunday m9s

I’m excited for more!

I’m not happy at all about how stingy they’ve become with the lingonberrys.

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is there gravy hiding in there somewhere

It had pooled underneath the chips.

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It was self serve. See it more as a sauce a la ketchup than a side.

And here i am in the bin store! Note the recycling and non recycling separation. Please like and subscribe, each new subscriber encourages me to release new content.


I’m cooking chicken cacciatore. Looking forward to it

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my nephew would love this #content

he’s mad into bins. whenever we’re out and about and he spots a bin he starts going crazy pointing at it and shouting.

think it’s because he only knows a few words, but one of them is BIN so he likes using it whenever he can


:slightly_frowning_face: why only attempted murder?

Omg this is awesome! It’s a huge difference. And aw, Sascha :heart:


I got up with Misty at 6 but went back to bed until 11:30 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: not too hungover after being served homemade espresso martinis all night.

Mum’s cooked roast beef which smells amazing. Need to pop to the shops and do a bit of work but hopefully it’ll just be telly and vidya the rest of the day.

I need to start leaving the house for things other than work.

Oh right, I read the body in the water bit to mean they hadn’t

I can’t answer that.


got the day off, gonna go to the beach, sit drinking beer and reading my book in the sun. hope you’re all having a nice time.


Anglos all

The youngest was talking over lunchtime:

“It goes: winter, summer, winter 2, spring”

My ears pricked up with the mention of Winter 2! Had my youngest secretly been lurking on DiS?

No. Apparently Winter 2 is the bit after we get back from Florida when it’s still winter. Christmas was Winter 3. Warny could learn a lot from this one.


Just had some party food for lunch (sausage rolls, battered prawns, pringles, chilli cheese bites). Have cleaned the kitchen, then walked to the shop and bought a bunch of Easter chocolate and stuff that I then hid and wrote treasure hunt clues for Mrs F to find. Really trying to keep this dread at bay.

Can’t stop puking. Just had round 4. Never used to puke when hungover dont know whats wrong with me. help

You would not believe how much Man U/Solskjær coverage there is in the news over here these days.

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alright bros