It's Sunday. This is a thread. Therefore this is the Sunday thread

Got a 7 hour drive home to contend with today.
Our hosts are cooking pancakes for breakfast though!!

And you? Plans? Drives? Breakfast?

Need to move the car in a minute for logistical reasons, and later on I’ll be driving back home. It’s about a two hour drive, which is fine.

:wave::wave::wave: casinobay. Just got back from a night out in Victoria and camping in the forest feels a bit weird after a few cocktails and bright lights. Ferry and a drive to Vancouver in the morning. Tim Hortons for breakfast.


Hmm I had a night out in Gravesend. Wonder who had the best time?

Are you going to stop at Teebs on the way back?

Went snowboarding for the first time yesterday. So bad it’s amusing, even to me.

Part of a glorious 20 hour trip to the snow, that my #1 ATD called at the last minute because he’s about to become a father (and appears to be panicking slightly). Good times.

Today. Mostly slept and recovered. And this:


Did you manage a turn?

On the board? Sorta got to the level of an OK gliding turn that then went wrong and had to abandon by falling over. So maybe got as far as half of a turn :smiley: (I have basically no sense of balance so I was expecting bad things from the start)

Off to work in a minute. Baby has been down for almost 12hrs. Amazing. That’s the state of my Sunday


This morning I have already been a frog, a rabbit, a bird (greenfinch) and now a caterpillar.

Feel pretty ill, I have all week and I am pretty fed up of it. Feel very dizzy, and that was before all the above shape-shifting.


Snowboardings hard, I feel your pain.

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Woke up at 7 again for no reason. Playing video games then will work on some music.


Anglos everyone! Working 9-4. Raining here so everyone’s going to pile in to the shop I reckon. Urgh. Might start a big Sopranos re-watch later.

IF you used to skateboard, would that be good?

Had a skiing lesson once. Just did not go well, and the boots really hurt after a while (5 mins)

The sky matches my hangover - grey and oppressive.

Going to a BBQ later, which should be nice. Then getting FUCKED UP and singing some karaoke tonight.

FFWD to Monday thread:

The sky matches my hangover - grey and oppressive.

I think so - people were saying that skateboarding or surfing would help (I haven’t done either so can’t speak for myself).

Having bed tea and thinking about moving to the living room to watch M of the D.
I am also thinking about going out for a bit of football and a Sunday roast later

We were going to do a roast today but we forgot to get the chicken out of the freezer. Fuuuuuucks sake.

Gotta go back to big Sainsbury’s today as they managed to scan a bottle of brandy twice when we were doing big shop yesterday.

Want tea but the kettle still has white vinegar in it.

Not so Anglos, DiS, not so Anglos.

How do you take your hot vinegar?

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I’ve had about six hours sleep and have been up with The Child since just after seven.

My WiFi still isn’t working.

I’ll need to buy some groceries at some point.
Work dread is currently low but would imagine it’ll steadily increase throughout the day.