It's Sunday

Why’s it me making the weekend threads???

Was gonna go out cycling but its started pissing down so cba with that. Back in bed. Neck / back is much better today, thanks fer all yr help yesterday.

Probably read and drink coffee. Might go back to sleep. Going to some comedy tonight. Food market before that.

Wbu huns?

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Massive stress and anxiety. Got to pack and sort lots of bits and pieces before going away for a couple of weeks.

The weather is London is so miserable

Taking my mum to see 2001 at the Prince Charles this afternoon. So excited! Then I’m back there this evening seeing the Exorcist, which I’ve never seen before.


Wife is looking to buy a second hand bike, but with the kids in the car we won’t be able bring it back so it looks like I’ll be biking it home. Thought that was fine and I’d just use the trains a bit but nope.

Trains are off. Fucks sake.


drinking a Relentless and eating a banana.

Reckon that just about balances out

Morning all. I will never ever tire of this country and their signs


It is however very depressing trying to do clothe shopping in a country where a size 12 is considered XXL. So naturally cheered myself up with this:

Going to go sit in the park for a bit


Insurance money came through (praise be etc) so bought a car yesterday. It’s very very small. But given my insurance is going to go up about three times come August I need something very economical. At least it will be easier to park than my previous cars.

It’s officially listed as beige but it’s definitely more ‘recycled paper’. It looks bizarre when parked next to white cars.

Buying a car (especially used car) really is one of the most miserable experiences out there (aside from actually bad stuff, obviously).


I missed what happened to your yeti. :frowning:

Gonna go shopping at 10, then solo parenting (probably get a wanker coffee) whilst my partner goes trampolining. Don’t even know what’s for tea tbh

How was six day racing?

morning all. don’t have anything to do today.

good to hear your back is back PN

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Wrote it off in January (at least it went out in style with a couple of flips) :man_facepalming:


That was such a good car :cry:

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Sweating profusely just thinking about my last ‘haggling’ attempt

It snowed :grimacing:


Where you at, dots?

I’ve got nothing on today other than boring house stuff and washing and food shopping :sleeping:

Thank fuck the money came through, I remember you saying the insurance company were digging their heels in and as someone who has been through that I know how stressful it is and also how relieving when they finally, y’know, do what you pay them loads of money every year to do. Small cars are a joy to park.

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I’m talking about a little place called Aspen

(Schruns, Austria! West of Innsbruck. It’s cold.)

I meant to ask you something, as the board’s snowboarder-in-residence: I bought a ski/snowboard jacket in Athens as I’m woefully unprepared for this cold weather and it has a big diagonal strap inside. Do you know why? What do I do with it?

Might go see if Co-op are still doing those raspberry croissants and buy seven of them.

Morning all!

My house is really cold. The Child has pretty much eaten her weight in porridge and I’m on my third coffee.

We have to go to a Halloween bollocks thing this morning so there might be pictures of her costume.