It's Suuuuuuuunday

morning gang, it’s a beautiful morning here with a lovely almost full moon still out :+1:

unfortunately the reason I’m up early and know it’s a beautiful day is because I’m getting ready to go to work :-1:. What does your day hold?


Morning lovely!

Good news: tongue is better
Bad news: got conjunctivitis


Anyway, got some paperwork stuff to do, then big match and some kind of Sunday dinner.

Might make an apple and honey cake too if I feel energised.


I’m up because I’m going to the DENTIST! Much less exciting since the love of my life stopped working there but I’m hoping they’ll at least be able to get rid of the weird stained tooth that’s making me not want to ever open my mouth in public.

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Get well soon!
Woke up at 7am because there is an online BTS concert and they did the soundcheck at 3pm their time and the actual concert is at 10am. Will try to do some tidying and make breakfast in this time. My cold has gone into my chest now which feels bad, have been drinking a lot of chamomile tea with honey lately which helps a lot and is also really delicious

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Morning, trying to think of something cool to tell my friend to do today in Glasgow before they drive back down south so I look like l’m cool and know all the cool things

Aw, conjunctivitis sucks, get well soon!

Also @Epimer, when I went for a dental checkup the other day, there was a new dentist at the practice, and she was Spanish. Could it be….?


Got woken up before 6am by the dogs howling at each other like actual wolves. Arseholes.

Dropping the kids at me Mam’s later, where they’re staying for the first few nights of half term.

Might go to the theatre tonight. Might just sit around.

Morning all!

I nearly started a thread but I’m glad I checked first.

We’re waiting to see how rainy it is and how full of cold everyone is before potentially going to a scarecrow festival with Wor Lass’s friend. One of my ATDs is touring with his band and I’m supposed to be watching them tonight but that’ll be dependent on my cold.

We need to carve some pumpkins today too.


Eight hours twenty two minutes sleep according to my fitbit, which is fantastic, given that on friday it reported I’d only had five hours 43. Now I’m feeling fine and refreshed, all ready for (checks to do list) a trip to the tip.

Anyway, later on I’ll be doing a bit of shepherding - my first in almost two years - then going out for a roast, then I’ve got the Bjork livestream to watch if I can figure out what time it is. Might go to the pub again after that too

Classic hotel full English


My God I’d smash some fried bread right now


Fry some bread then :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Smash it. Smash it hard

Gonna pop baby in a sling and go for a walk round Beckenham Place Park I think.

For now I am trapped under said baby while she feeds. Could really do with breakfast :weary:

Poaching eggs. I’ve broken a yolk.

Fried Bread is too greasey.

There I said it


Absolutely delighted that the woman with the otter puppet from Friday has put up some more photos on instagram and me and m are in one. Totally obsessed with this otter tbh.

No longer feeling sick :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Having a chai then off to apple and pumpkin day which is at the garden centre where we usually stock up on lavender chocolate. Don’t have enough money to buy a bar today so need to find a way to distract M though its the main reason she wants to go :see_no_evil:


Last day of work before a week off. Not starting until 11.30. need to shower, breakfast and wash up before I leave

Ban request.

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Though this wouldn’t help with breakfast I maintain that litter pickers should be a new parents accessory for when you’re trapped out of reach of your kindle/slice of toast etc.

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Going to Worthing to see grandma then across to B Right On. MiniStack is demanding the big pepperpot on the pier tomorrow which I’m down with as long as I don’t have to go on the ghost train.