🎄🥪🍔🎅 It's the 2023 Christmas Sandwich Thread (feat. other festive fast food)

Saw this morning that Tesco and Co-op’s festive sandwiches were on the shelves already, so figured I’d get this thread started with…

The Tesco Finest Pigs under Blankets sandwich.

Don’t normally go for an upsell on a meal deal sandwich, but it’s a special occasion being the first day of Christmas season.

Good cranberry, sausage, bacon ratios, but either needs more green stuff for texture in the bite or to commit fully to being a meat sandwich.

Better than a normal PiB sandwich, but not massively given the extra cost, so going with a solid 7/10.

Polls, reviews, news, comments and outrage all welcome!




Was expecting Funkhouser to say this first, but pleased someone has nonetheless!

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I’d accept some sort of Brussel sprout type involvement at a push.


FWIW, as a general rule I don’t object to some leaves for a bit of crunch in a sandwich, but IMO if you are going to do it then commit, don’t just put a light sprinkling in.

Maybe in a full festive feast sandwich, but never EVER green stuff in a PiB sandwich.

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Zeal would you mind adding an emoji or two to the title? Makes it easier to find at a later date.

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Love a good christmas sandwich. EAT used to do little pots of pigs in blankets too. RIP EAT.

Do Greggs do anything other than their festive bake I can’t remember?


Yeah they do sausage rolls, steak bakes, doughnuts, loads of things really.


How’s that?

Glorious thank you.

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Season 3 Whatever GIF by The Office

The sandwich shop near my work that does the king of festive barms has changed ownership this year, some of the staff are the same though so praying it retains it’s quality.

Not particularly confident though given the soups aren’t as good and they’ve stopped doing the salami & smoked cheese butties

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Want to make my own festive butty with pigs in blankets, turkey, stuffing and crackling in a crusty baguette.

Can buy the turkey and crackling from marksies, and the baguette, but I wonder if anywhere now does pigs in blankets hot (no oven at work) - and not sure where i’d get the stuffing.

oh and cranberry sauce i can also get from sparksies

Greggs were doing tubs of hot pigs in blankets last year.

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thank you! that was kinda the question i was angling towards in my first post - as i had some vague recollection they did!

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poundbakery also

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Mods! Tilty’s making up words in my threads again!

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Really liked the spicy turkey one from marks’s last year. Hope they do something similar again.