It's the annual flu jab thread!

Yes, it’s that time of year again - where you all get to wind up leafy until she snaps like a twig!

We haven’t had the email round at work yet but mah banbeano has so this is definitely the time.

Flu jab.

My wife has been to Asders twice to ask them when they can book us in. We have to wait until October.

My son is getting his at school in… DECEMBER!

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Would have thought a taxi firm would be providing them to employees gratis, on account of all the contact with the public.

Death Cabs, innit.


my arms hurt from all the vaccinations I’ve had recently so flu can fuck off

Ask for it in the bum.

Also the flu jab.


Found out yesterday that one of the paramedic tests for a spinal injury is a finger up the bum and asking you to squeeze the finger


Kids flu is delayed this year as the WHO was a month late in recommending which strains of the virus to vaccinate against. It’s not available to anyone yet.

And since appearing on Strictly, Dr Ranj’s fee is now apparently out of the reach of Public Health England, so expect a different C list celeb to be the public face of it all this year…

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fuck sake. can i not just get one massive jab instead of having to do this every year?

Bloody Roger Daltry!

Was a paramedic telling you this at the time? Because


sorry, who was a month late?


See if you can grab a fistful of them while you’re in and dose yourself up seven or eight more times at home, see what happens.

wouldn’t do them all in the same arm obviously

one in each, one in the bum. probably get away with a couple in each leg.

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Thanks for the reminder! Just booked it. How very exciting

Didn’t ask

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The worst thing is I can picture you smirking as you typed this out


Yes but he didn’t believe me when i said my back had gone 10 minutes later. Win some and lose some

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