It's the banal thread

how long left?
fancy a coffee?
what you doing tonight?

~3 hours
yep. always
wedding anniversary today so we’ll be doing the traditional thing of getting indian takeaway and watching a jean claude van damme film


like, an hour and half left ish. might go a coffee. dunno what im doing tonight, prob nowt

Happy anniversary lad :+1:

  • Hour and 20 mins left
  • Yes please, black no sugar
  • We’re both pretty full from lunch so just gonna have a spot of sushi and watch a few episodes of wild wild country on netflix (we may chill also).
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Two hours. Give me strength.
Nah, got a cup of tea on the go.
Going to find the nearest station selling 5A thrusters and drop a cool 5 million credits on them, then engineer them so I can park faster. Or read my book. Haven’t decided yet.

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…i definitely need a coffee

done about an hours work and feel like I’m about to fall asleep. however long I want left, I guess

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2 hrs 15 minutes

got a tea, thanks though

packing to go up to japesland tomorrow, also make myself some nice food as plasticmike will probably go on a bike ride with the fast twats. i went to our local chinese supermarket yesterday for the first time and got an absolute shitload of frozen dumplings and buns, wondering if i can have those again tonight and make some noddles to accompany them :thinking:

  • two hours and fifteen minutes
  • nah, tea for me thanks
  • have to pick up some cycling gear then gonna go home and watch the last jedi

WWC is amazing, really dug it


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Oh fuck, and listen to the new Christian Fitness album a few times.


Happy anniversary, e5!

~4 hours left cos I did a #lunchtimeclimb
Got a coffee right now!
Prolly work on some music once I’m done with work.

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One episode in and very intrigued but I love all this kind of cult-y shit.


Not tonight, darling.

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So it’s now 3.20. Should I just assume this phone call I was meant to get ‘around 3’ is not in fact going to happen?

  • Give it another few minutes
  • there is no phone call coming pb
  • what is your problem, pal

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Couple of hours, if I pulled my finger out I could be done in less than half that time but I’m faffing ofc

Got a Fanta Zero thanks

Getting takeaway, TV reckons he’s gonna do some baking, I need to go to the gym at some point too

What’s the takeaway consensus carm?

Just got a soya flat white. Filled up my loyalty card so the next one is free yeaah.

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Dunno yet, usually ends up being either Thai, Japanese or Domino’s cos everything else turns up cold. If it ever stops raining we might even go out but it’s not looking likely.

yes pls