It's the #chaidaynight thread

Plans? Food? Booze? Pizza? Etc.?

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wish I wasn’t ston*ed anymore, it’s just annoying after a while. Hoping this blackcurrant drink will sort me out

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It’s pretty wet in Wales

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so shit I’ve never even heard of it

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let me guess what they do

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Still weighing up whether to stay dry and inside and get takeaway or go out to sainos, get wet but get pizza and extra beer and chocolate for prob a lower price. But get wet


was going to just say fancy sandwiches but I don’t think that would class as a restaurant

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get wet. You can then have the fun of drying off

Drying off is only fun on a sunny beach or poolside

Used to do a bangin’ sweet potato wrap but don’t think they do anymore

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what about when you have a nice hot bath after getting cold and wet?

I don’t have a bath Bam


Got rid of it so I could have a big walk in shower thing instead

Still a good choice, I enjoy a nice shower ever day but only have baths very rarely even when I have one

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I feel terrible for you. Maybe we can do a gofundme page or something

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Why dont chinese places do sweet n sour tofu balls? Seems like such a no brainer.



Hi all.

Got myself a (supermarket) pizza as a treat but my mouth is still too numb from the dentists to manage it. Hopefully it will be a goer in another hour.

Had the first week of my new shift pattern (3x 7.30 to 5.00, 2x 7.30 to 12.30) this week and it’s gone really well. Flag a little around lunch time in the long days but pick back up again between 2 and 3. Have got more work done this week than I would usually I think.

Did my loan application for surgery last night. Was going to wait until closer to the date, but I had been constantly stressed out over it after realising interest rates can be much higher than the advertised Apr but you can’t know what it is until you’ve applied. Decided the stress of it hanging over me was too much so bit the bullet, and turns out it was absolutely fine (3.9%). Now sitting in my account ready to go :+1:

Made my last extravagant purchase for a very long time and got a PS4. Was very tempted by a Switch, but I’d have to get a separate blu ray player and the games are so much more expensive.

Have kitchen slugs :weary:

That’s my life over the last couple of weeks basically.


What ya gonna play first, wiley?