It's the... (checks calendar) Tuesday thread!

How’s tricks? What’s happening? Any other business?

Plans today seem to be making a 10-eyed monster with four arms and wheels. Might finally eat some proper food again too (case in point, breakfast contained no chocolate or supplementary biscuits)

Hope you are all ok x


First day back at work today. Still got lots of leftovers and Christmas presents to eat but I really should get some real food in. Cold out though…

Funky Friday :partying_face: Hope my new hat arrives today.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


MrS is working so I had planned to also do some.

Got to get up then I guess…

Will post when it is done :+1:



Would anyone be surprised if I said I had no plans?

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Good morning @anon89873996, good morning Jordan, Funky, Hoogy, Slicky, Wiley, Rob, CCB, Orangey, good morning DiS, and many happy returns of the day to Li Bun-hui from the table tennises, to Marianne Faithfull from my dad’s teenage dreams, and to Aled Jones not from the snowmans. I hope we’re all excited to honour the anniversary of big ol’ boat HMS Warrior which is down there in Portsmouth, while also celebrating Mongolian Independence Day. I’m off to play ping pong with some landlocked seamen.


:crossed_fingers: hope the ankle news is good news

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Morning all

If you had a voluntary role outside work, and someone messaged you (and the others) at 6pm last night, asking you to attend a (non-urgent) meeting tonight - and then chased you at 8am this morning about it - what would you think?

  • Get off my back. I’m on annual leave and I’m 60% stilton
  • Yep, that seems like reasonable behaviour

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In other words, AIBU for feeling really annoyed about it?

Back to work innit. Although it feels like it’s not really, actually, properly back to work. We’ll see how long that delusion lasts.

First bit: fine, I guess
Second bit: unreasonably soon to chase

I am not back to work today but I have work to do that I didn’t finish on Christmas Eve :triumph:

Then I will start making a blouse

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Just say ‘good morning! I am unable to attend the meeting, best wishes CCB.’


I’d think [delete]


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I’ve already replied and said something like “I’m on annual leave at the moment and was hoping not to have to attend any meetings, unless it was urgent?” And I’ve had a reply back saying “oh it’s not urgent as such but it’d be good to have you along” (FFS!)

So Mrs CCB has replied and said “after the year [CCB] has had, he needs his annual leave, so we won’t be attending”. She’s right - I’m fucking exhausted tbh.


Woken up by the dogs telling me that they wanted to go in the garden. Should stay up to do some work, but nah, back in bed.

Going to make pizza later, because it’s Friday surely.


Morning all!

The Child was awake three times between 4.30 and 5.30. Wor Lass eventually got up with her and she went back to sleep for an hour at 6.30.

I have driven her to nursery and I’m about to eat my breakfast (toast and biscuit spread, probably). I have a cheque to pay into the bank but I think I’ll just play The Last Of Us all day like I did most of last week.

Well done to @colon_closed_bracket and Mrs closed_bracket for saying no to work-like activities in your holiday.


Can we have a picture of it does?


Work audit

  • Yep

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