It's the Crisp Thread (Polls) (Rolling)


According to these are the top selling brands of crisps in the uk. Which would you declare as The Greatest Crisp maker of them all?

  • Walkers
  • Own brand
  • McCoys
  • Kettle Chips
  • Tyrrells
  • Seabrook
  • Golden Wonder
  • Jakob Cracker Crisps
  • Ritz Crisps
  • Mackies
  • Some kind of indie bellend crisp manufacturer. You wouldn’t have heard of them.

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Further polls and chat encouraged.

  • Wotsits
  • Cheese Tasters

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Not really into crisps, if I’m honest.


That’s not a thing, Epimer. No one is not into crisps.




Also partial to Tavern crisps in my local. So much FLAVOURS.

  • Frazzles
  • Bobby’s bacon streaks

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Oh man. Jalapeno and dill crisps sound like a stroke of mad genius.


These are the best and I won’t have a bad word said about them


I mean I’ll eat them, but I’ve never thought “cor, you know what I fancy right now? Crisps.”

The Brannigan’s ham and mustard ones are the best, if they still exist. The Walker’s Sensations wasabi things are good. I’m also partial to a cool or, preferably, chilli heatwave Dorito.


I’ve never liked salt and vinegar. I keep biting the skin off my lips so they just cause pain. Tyrrell’s do make some banging crisps though.




I would almost always go a Tyrrell’s, though I am partial to a chilli heatwave Dorito, as per @Epimer



Those are some suspiciously precise preferred crisps for someone who’s not into them.

“I don’t like wine but if I absolutely must it’d have to be a Chillean Carmenère. 2006 preferably. Nothing from the Coquimbo Region though.”

Brannigan’s ham and mustard are wonderful though, I’ll give you that.



Flavourless/Naked crisps are:

  • Good
  • Great

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I like crisps


I have that thought several times day.




wtf, Frazzles are v bad in comparison