Its the early Saturday thread


Alright pals.

Much doing today?

I’m already at work and here until 3ish, then probably going to have a kip at home.

Hope you all enjoy yr weekends


Got my regular Saturday am gym class at 8:30 which means getting up now to eat and have coffee :zzz:

Nothing else on today apart from dinner out tonight.



The boy woke before 6, so we’re both up watch Yellow Submarine on DVD. When the shops open we’ll head into town to buy Easter Eggs.


Awake too early after being awake too late. My brains an overactive mess of anxiety at the moment about our impending move and I’m not really sleeping much. Going to try and get as much sorted out today as possible before work at 4. Might get up and go for an early morning walk first.


Been a pretty full day. It started off really rainy and now it’s warm and sunny and the girl is enjoying the playpark.

Home to bake banana bread/cake and fry her a crumbed chicken tenderloin soon


I’m pretty hungover. Someone decided shots would be a good idea last night.

I don’t want to be awake yet, but I’ve got a banging head which is stopping me from going back to sleep.

Going to do pretty much nothing today ahead of Dinosaur Jr. tonight.


Morning all.
Up far too early with no good reason, intentions to do very little all weekend.
My wife is in Paris all weekend, so I’m completely unsupervised. Got some boring errands to run (dry cleaners), then back to play various fighting games online and no doubt get thrashed in them all.


Early morning studio session

The walk here was very peaceful


TV is away so I am planning a day of pure video gaming.


Still so ill with the flu. Worst I’ve ever felt.

Woke up twice shaking and shivering for hours. So painful.


That sounds really fucking shit. Me and Mimi hope you GW really S…


TV was sick as a dog at midnight and three this morning. Then our youngest kid started puking at four. Managed to get her settled, linen and clothes changed by five at which point the oldest kid got up so I’m currently drinking all the coffee. On the plus side the weekend can only get better.


Poorly… sympathy please.


Aw man… two voms??? you’re a hero.


I am being looked after though.


Need to get up and put trousers on because a new dishwasher is being delivered at some unspecified point today. Rubbish.


I think my cat would like your cat


No need to be hasty. Why don’t you just keep some trousers by the front door and pop then on when they turn up?


You have my sympathy. I am drenched in cold sweat and can hear all the blood gushing around my’s preetty gross. Get well soon!


This is now the cat thread