It's the eve of Christmas

I remember when my dad and his wife used to visit us on a weekend. They’d be sat outside in the car at 5.30pm waiting for me to arrive home from work on a Friday evening. And then they wouldn’t leave til the Monday morning! WTF.

God Jul one and all



Just got back into bed with my dressing gown on and it’s got tangled and now I’m out of breath and uncomfortable ffs

Do we start the festive selfies thread on Christmas Eve? I can’t remember.


Finishing a night shift at the moment.

I’ll be back in in 12 hours.

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Ooh hope so then I’ll have to have a wash

Morning all :wave:

Stiiillllll working. Though at the moment I’m sat in the corner of the living room while the girls watch The Snowman. Didn’t sleep well last night and so I’m finding everything a bit emotional this morning.

Twenty minutes until midnight here. I have to be up at six for a full day of work :pensive:


I think last year it was on Christmas Day because I used my one I took when I was doing the Christmas Day swim.

But since nobody else remembers start it when you like. I mean, it feels like a Friday, which is selfie day

Tonight’s the big one for us (not tomorrow), so yes! :santa:t2::santa:t2::santa:t2:


Dreading opening my emails. Please don’t let there be any work :crossed_fingers:

Usually a multi-day affair around Christmas though isn’t it? Can’t remember when it kicks of though.

Good Morning Sports Fans


:drum: :trumpet:


:dancer: :tropical_drink:


Save it for a Thur

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Hmm, no work so far but also my boss still hasn’t approved my holidays for next week so looks like I’m working with m in tow, fun.

Just me and the silly toddler today. She just picked up and put down her breakfast bowl and said “I pop it down there” - loving hearing little things like “pop it down” creep into her speech.

Day will be trying to somehow tidy the house while she runs riot.


I now have an unwanted mental image

Going to drop my kids’ presents off as they won’t be able to come over this year.

But of prep for tomorrow then get on the booze I reckon.


Next challenge: reet good tha’ after a particularly satisfying weetabix or whatever toddlers eat


Supposed to be a half day today

Can’t see that happening