it's the evening, let's thread

never do these, hiya, how are we all?


one for @NeilYoung

and the goal itself…



Hiya. :wave:

About to have tea. Some bulgar wheat and date thing :man_shrugging:

Gonna watch this French film/documentary later. Not sure what it is. Basically haven’t got a clue have I :upside_down_face:

Absolute goalkeepers nightmare

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Alright DiS,

Had fajitas for dinner, and spent the morning at an Iron Age fort, which if I didn’t know was a fort I’d have just thought was a hill. Anyway, all in all not a bad day.

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The goal should have been disallowed as well – it was an massive cock-up by the ref, as funny as it must have been for everyone else…

had my first day of training today, quite a lot of zooming which has scunnered me a bit but should be manageable once I’m used to it

feels weird not being able to pop out whenever i want

plan for the evening:
big brother

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nah it should have counted double if anything


man fuck this

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Might go for a walk

Hi hi

Had an ok day, wearing an excellent new jump suit which is fine except going for a wee takes double the time it should. The price of fashion etc.

Oven dinner of chips and burgers as kids are having zoom piano lesson and I get told off for rattlin’ pots and pans too loudly.

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“it’s a heavy balloon… not one of those light balloons” :smiley: :smiley:


Just microwaving some leftover curry.

Gonna either

  • Finish TremĂ© s2
  • Finish my book on the Highland Clearances.

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Felt weirdly unhungry today, so just had a baked potato with cheese and beans for tea. Will probably wake up starving tomorrow.

Going to skype my folks in a bit then finish off some coursework.

Evening all :wave:

Had roast pie and Yorkshire pudding for dinner, so that’s something


Just because crazy golf > golf, doesn’t mean the same principle applies to all ball games…

only if it benefits whoever Liverpool are playing



Still working - only myself to blame.

Going to make a curry in a bit.

Might watch season 4 of Shetland before our Britbox subscription expires.

Anyway, I’ve just been for a six-and-a-half mile walk and my feet ache. Am I about to have a Mangum and a beer for dinner? Possibly.
Also, the Mark Kermode BFI event starts in 20 minutes, so that’ll be good.


Joke, you’re the most transparently biased judge since

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