It's the evening (thread) [Thurs]

hullo. reckon i’ll be at this job til midnight or 1am and probably have about an hours’ work to do in dribs and drabs. :sleeping:

please entertain me with stories of your evenings!

Off to the gym, innit

might be going to play squash this evening or I might not


folk on the bbc news reckon that internet shopping is going to be big

quite the revelation



Still in work :sleeping: will eventually go home and enjoy sitting on the sofa as I haven’t been at home really since Friday. Might catch the end of Steino if I get home in time. Fancy something nice for dinner tonight, any suggestions anyone?

Your job looks fun today, I’m jealous.

Currently on the train. Misjudged where the first class section was and so am stuck on the bit of the carriage I like to call “motion sickness”.

Making a Rick Stein curry tomorrow, folks! So I’m going to be prepping the marinades (mrbean?) and then not sure about after that

Gonna have pistachio pesto pasta for dinner and drink some red wine and do some foot massages and watch a film and then read for a bit and then go to bed.




Pasta tonight

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All the way from Sicily boiiiii!

all the fun’s happening next door, i’m sitting in a horrible back room with about 100 other nerds on laptops


:skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:

Ah, not quite the dream. Still more fun than my job today though.

i was going to make prawn fajitas but got annoyed at how expensive the prawns were so sacked it off

could have that?

Bit freaked out cos something weird happened about 10 minutes ago. I was behaving perfectly normally one minute then the next noticed that my knuckled were a bit bruised and bloody. Hope I haven’t had a little fugue state and punched something/someone :confused:

oh no, why :skull_and_crossbones: ?

:confused: hope you’re ok. you got someone there with you?

That is actually not a bad shout, although I had a weird ‘quesadilla’ for lunch that was more like a folded up fajita. You’ve got me thinking about a prawn and avocado salad now which could be quite good.

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