It's the evening (thread) [Thurs]

It’s on my Twitters.

Rectangular pizza for dinner. It’s got rectangular mushrooms and rectangular cheese on it.


+going to see a blues band later, whose guitarist once played with the guitar behind his head and then with his teeth (I saw this)
~only having one pint

Swings n roundabouts innit bruv


:smiley: a gif next time!

you know what i’ve just done right i’ve just frozen a banana then i stuck it into a blender and banana ice cream came out

it’s really good. think this might change my life.


Went to the Lego store in Leicester Square, innit. Somehow managed not to spend anything - probably not going to manage that next time.

I’m glad this went the way it did. enjoy!

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listening to ryan adams innit

I reckon the Hairy Bikers really fucking hate each other


please no.

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Fucking hope so

They’ve got drouths though!


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What album?

Alright, had chicken, watched the 2 new Inside No. 9 eps, both great - the second one got to me a bit at the end. Pemberton and Shearsmith are quality aren’t they? Great writers.

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Cold roses. Always forget how much I like it until i put it on

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Oh man, the second one got to me too. The bf took one look at me and said “Are you going to cry?” Haha!!! ERM, MAYBE. Cried at Catastrophe the other day. Cried watching the Little Mermaid. I’m a mess at the moment for anything at all sentimental.

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Aw witches I’m sorry!

I do actually like them and swear by their carbonara recipe.

:blush: It’s okay. I just think they’re so very nice.