It's the evening thread you've all been waiting for!

Evening all

How are you? Tell me about your days and your evenings.

This time of year is very evocative what with it being a little bit darker in the evenings. Maybe it’s just because it’s not sunny outside for the first time in weeks.


Hey. Rained a lot, went to Camberley for a pointless afternoon of training. Having a veggie fry for dinner. Boring

Oh weighed myself earlier for the first time for a while. the scales started 17 instead of 19 like last time I did, so that’s something


Evening ccb et al!

It’s very evocative of childhood for me - summer holidays and it being light enough to stay out and play as opposed to being a badass teenager in the dark once it gets to October.

The Child had a good first day at school. No idea what she did but she ate well.

I started planning classes for next week. It feels very real that I’m back at work now so I had a long coffee break chatting shit to colleagues.

I cooked a quick daal for tea. It was tasty.

I’m having another decaf coffee (from the cafetiere this time) and sorting out a meal plan for the rest of the week.

The train strikes at the weekend are causing me issues with getting to Edinburgh and back on Saturday but Wor Lass’s sister in law is going to be having twins at some point this week so I’m also formulating a plan that will avoid me having to drive home on Saturday night.


Getting scampi supper, taking night off

Wanted to tidy the bomb site flat but not sure it’s happening: friends are all out at Princess Nokia, too sleepy to be jealous

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That’s a good shift.

My better-quality diabetic control in the last month has (I think) caused me to put on about four pounds.

Swings and roundabouts.

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My fave co-op ice cream, raspberries, blanket making, tv

(Should be working :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)


I mean, it might have been a long while since I last weighed myself. Cut my bread intake back (used to have 4 slices for breakfast every day) and, until this week, cut the booze back a bit.

Four pounds, that’ll drop off with your next trip to the loo.


I’ve lost my drill and had to drill a hole with an old hand drill and I put it in my mouth for a bit and thought about how my grandad would have held this once <3

I’ve been buying stuff just to freeze it cause I’m really into freezing stuff at the mo. Also made a sourdough starter the other day just to freeze it. No intention of ever using it

Is anyone else freezing a lot of stuff? I put them in freezer bags and vacuum pack them by dunking them in a bowl of water to push the air out


My 3 day bad mood has just gone :star_struck::partying_face:


Hello babeses :kissing_heart:

Really tired, spent a solid five hours having a spring clean and know I’m :sleeping: feeling really accomplished with what I’ve done today though, been meaning to do it for months. Looks so much better and less chaotic. Gonna do a few more hours tomorrow in other rooms I think.

Even went as far as writing down everything in my food cupboard and the use by dates (was it you @AutumnBeech who did this? I swear someone on here did this and downloaded an app or something?!), gonna write that out again in chronological order and tape it to the front tomorrow. And then deep clean my fridge, and do the same for the icebox.

Watching me stories on the telly until 9 then bed with my book and kitten I think.


I was on the radio today. 1:54:12 ish into this…

Did i plug Dissonance Radio? No. Did i plug my own Instagram? No. Did i say anything worth saying? No.



Still pretty stressed but it’s like a background hum now so that’s ok. Went to see my nephew earlier and he was laughing a lot :heart_eyes: Had burgers for tea and ordered him some little dungas off ebay. Watching Something’s Killing Me and drinking a beer. Think that’s everything.


Just got home to find Mick Hucknall singing Stars at me - which was a surprise

Simply Red are/were playing at this outdoor venue opposite our house

Read the 9yo a chapter of Alice in Wonderland and now I’m watching athletics

Might have some ice cream


I did. I did not keep it up. Just had to chuck a load of stuff the other day :pensive:


Day was ok thanks!

Feeling a bit low mood this evening and Mr s_w is out at football so im home alone with baby so feeling a bit lonely too.

Had some pizza for tea and finished my rewatch of Schitts Creek. Drinking iced tea. Don’t think I’ve got any chocolate in and I really fancy some.

Oh no :frowning: I’m sorry!

Evening all,

I missed the rain completely today. Bit of drizzle on my drive home and that was it.

Jacky P for dinner, and now I’m having a 0% Corona. I think the slice of lime in the neck makes it feel pretty much like a normal Corona.

Might have a magnum in a bit


Hi m9s

My son and I went to some flea markets and charity shops today.

Then I went to Lidl for more cherries and bought this monstera for £10! His name is Monty.

Work booked my flights to Kosovo for next month.

Now I’m making oven-baked risotto.

A good day.


My current hometown (Poland’s 26th biggest city!) is famous for having a lot of roundabouts. There is a also a district called Parysz. So I’m suprised it’s taken until today for someone to install a replica Eiffel Tower in the middle of the roundabout in said district. So I took a walk out to the outskirts of town to take a look.

When I got home I read that a car crashed into it before it was even finished.