It's the evening thread!


Hi hello!

How are ya doing? What you got going on? I’m allllllright. Been sending my tv pics of available dogs all afternoon. This guy looks like a GBOD

Would like nice things. Bring me biscuits please. You may have one if you’re good.


yo W!


Hey B.

I feel like I’m jay-z


you can be whomever you wish my dear!


that’s a handsome dog.


also it’s really hot still and I can’t cope wah waaah I’m a baby


Gf has a migraine, the house is a tip as the painters were in*, so we’ve only gone and ordered a cheeky fackin’ Nandos!!!

#oioi #legendary #chicken #capitalism #chips

*not a euphemism. Grow up.


never had a nandos I bought one of their sauces once because people were like ITS WELL GOOD MATE.

It was kinda ok but really a bit shit.


I like the Perinaise for dipping chips and pizza crusts. Not fussed by the rest.


He is!! I’d be a wee bit worried he’d eat other dogs tho. Bit intimidated by Dobermanns. He looks like the friendliest Dobermann that ever lived tho.


It’s a known discussion that Perinaise sounds like filth. Isn’t it?




Whaddup? Waiting in the train station car park to pick up the TV. Then it’s shopping for dinner, more work, cook, chill. Currently listening to a bit of Dawnwalker (miss ya, Eric345).




You’re getting a dog?

edit: ffs this was supposed to be a reply to the op


All right witches, bammers, epimer, att, numbers

That dog looks great. Would love to have a dog.

Just ate some pasta and now feel like I could pass out, full of food and so warm. I need to do some life admin but cannot be bothered whatsoever.

Might just lie on the couch reading with the fan on. So glad we bought fans. Fans.


Also might go to Seattle in a couple of weeks. Is it good there?


Evening Witches and dog and etc


The house smells like paint fumes, which, as you can well imagine, is absolutely delightful in this weather.


Ah one day. Not yet sadly! I do like to have a look at what’s available every now and then and day dream.