It's the eveningtime now, on Monday

Hi! I have had a fucking long, tiring day. I am making roast gnocchi with sausage and a spicy sauce for tea then I’ve got some more work to do. Also I finally found a cider that matches my personality




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It came from Harvey Nichols Bam, I’m worried it’s too fancy for me.

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just been flunking around in this thread, it’s fun!

Also my kilo bag of pick n mix arrived today so I’ll mostly be doing that later.


dunno who that is, sounds like a big brother contestant from the nawties or something

flagship store?

more like…shagflip snore!

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Hola! I did more work than I’d like today. I’m hoping to redress the balance tomorrow. Still, the sun’s been out which is night.

Bin day tomorrow so sorting them out will provide tonight’s entertainment. That and an AF beer

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yes don’t forget your bins everybody

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my binday is…

  • Monbin
  • Tuesbin
  • Wednesbin
  • Thursbin
  • Fribin

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Bin day is Friday you crank!

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Having a pot noodle. How depressing yet quite exciting.


can you imagine being a Monbin and having to put your bins out on a Sunday night??

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Nowhere to go eat so ordered in to the hotel


Used to do that for years before it changed. There’s something that feels right about it

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I love dominos but chicken strippers always make me feel a bit ill the next day

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Didn’t want any sides but it was £2 extra for 2 sides

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feed them to the pigeons

unless that’s cannibalism


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Check your weekday bin privilege!

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