It's the first monday evening of 2020 and here is the thread

Chicken Kiev *ft* Hollyoaks

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is it just me or do all posts say they were posted 1m ago

is one of them from me? feel like i’ve applied for every job on the planet.

just applied to one in Madrid

I would kill for a pint of generic ale right now.


hang on, my clock was wrong!!!

what are you like?! :rofl: :joy:



Pints, but no @anon76851889

  • Bring back How Good Are They Really
  • Don’t do that

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Leonard Cohen hasn’t taken his top spot yet so

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Evening :wave:

Homerpalooza is on. Cooking shroomdohs and assorted veg

Was just thinking of the big hitters we never did. Dylan, Cohen, Talking Heads, All Saints etc.

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I haven’t made that in ages actually, I love that one! Particularly like it cold with loads of cherry toms stirred in!

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4, 5, 6, 5

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See, you know where it’s at.

Found out that R won’t be back at preschool until next week now because they are behind on moving into their new building :scream:

Had misery pasta for dinner.

Boring and sad as usual for me.

I need to get up and make my super green gnocchi before my bf gets back from the driving range

I’m going to be planning out my holiday wardrobe even though I have only 7 weeks to make about 10 items

nothing quite like the feeling of a brand new non stick pan


Are you wearing it?