๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถIt's the First Monday Lunch Thread of the Year!๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽต



That looks great

Iโ€™ve got Mrs Z to thank. The perks of working from home when sheโ€™s here.

Falafel and hummus pitta
C&O crisps
Quarter of a chocolate orange (inc. spindle)

Had a cauliflower curry pasty. Decent enough.

Update: I have now finished the soup


Avocado, grilled carrot, hazelnut, coriander, cumin & carrot hummus in a seed baguette.

Just had an amazing curry


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Tbf it was described as a โ€˜Latticeโ€™ rather than a pasty, but to all intensive purposes its the same thing.

Best bit

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Meatless marinara footlong on chili paprika bread with lettuce, red onion and garlic aioli.


I like sandwich integrity and this was all over the place, would prefer it sandwich artists could keep their materials on the canvas. The sauce was nice, maybe slightly too sweet, it went nicely with the aioli though. A couple of the โ€˜meatballsโ€™ were a bit hard on the outside but most were nice and soft so dont know what happened there. Didnโ€™t really notice the vegan cheese really, which was the most worrying part.

Would eat again, but not something Iโ€™ll be rushing back too.

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Salmon rice + edamame and a bag of lentil chips

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East Anglian baked potato with beans, side of peas, sweetcorn and beetroot.

Mildly concerned about the afternoonโ€™s fart potential.

katsu sushi with sweet chilli mayo :drooling_face:

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Is it the sauce or the stuff in panko breadcrumbs that makes something katsu? Or do you need both?

Had a katsu curry where the veg wasnt crumbed before Xmas and was a bit disappointed. Think i might have answered my own question here potentially.

Thatโ€™s because what you had was just a Japanese curry, not a Katsu one.

Katsu is either Chicken (torikatsu), Pork (tonkatsu) or Beef (gyukatsu) covered in panko. Anything else usually has a different name.

The curry part refers to the Japanese curry sauce (and any veg they put in their curry).

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