It's the Friday Evening Thread

Hello, folks. Hope everyone is doing well. Home after a long week away at work.

Popping by sister’s for some drinks and see the nephew.

What’s on everyone’s agenda for this evening? Hope it’s a nice Friday for you all!


evening my man.

about to meet a good friend for a drink or two in the pub before going to another friends for some food and more drinks. i have sneaking suspicion the night may be a late one. :slight_smile:


Hate how dark it is already

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Friday night.

Well it’s pizza and wine and watching some nonsense I guess.

Also chatting on here.

Someone at work today claimed to never dance at home alone so…

  • Of course I dance to bangers at home
  • I stand still in my kitchen, a picture of pure restraint

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I enjoyed you voting wrong in your own poll.


Evening all :wave:

Day was good. Had this new awards thing they’d not done before - we won an award :trophy:

Caught up with my new starters who are setting in.

Tired now. Going home and cooking some Thai noodles etc I think

Listening to the Uncut Gems soundtrack on the way home, just because I don’t feel tense enough already…


Just demolished fish and chips with curry sauce. Had a cold for a few days now and although it’s never been all that bad it’s very much outstaying its welcome.

Wife is heading out shortly so hoping both bairns go to bed easily so I can fanny about in the house for a wee while.

Evening all!

I did not make po’boys and instead reheated some pie from yesterday.

I’m going to the gym once I’ve had my decaf coffee. After that, I’m hoping we can watch Judas and The Black Messiah.

I loved that film! You’re in for a treat!


I’m drinking wine, might buy a pizza from coop


My pizza is gluten free as that was the only vegie one as part of the deal available.

Going in shortly.

I’m so ready for the weekend (currently on bed half asleep)

it is well grim, can’t believe the clocks go back/forward soon too

Oh shit just remember I had a gig ticket tonight. Not going to that

clocks changing makes no sense to me, I can never remember which way around it is, it’s getting dark earlier so the clocks are going forward right?

Spring forward
Fall back

The back’s have it, the back’s have it.

what’s going back though, the number 8 is going to be the number 7 so it’s going forward

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I enjoy this Steve Jobs meme

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Yeah it’s a nightmare

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