It's the Friday Evening Thread

An ex of mine never even used to sing along to songs, even his favourites

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Eating a big meal before watching a Cronenberg film is probably going to be a bad idea, isn’t it?


Sad. Just sad.

Wish I was on a date tonight. Been thinking how much I’d like some kissing today. Think I’m a bit obsessed with kissing.

Instead I’m going to watch Truman Show in bed, which is still a strong Friday.


I don’t sing or dance at home alone :frowning:

Mainly because I’m woeful at both

can we have some bangers tonight later to cheer me up?

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Egg and soldiers for dinner as we had nothing else in. Eggs freak me out.

No plans tonight, early night maybe. Going swimming with M tomorrow and working on Sunday. Pretty average weekend really.

How’d you get better??


But also, if you don’t like it then don’t. It’s fine :blush:

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Yes! And also to dance to.

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Evening all!

Off to dinner with my girlfriend’s parents which will be nice as one of them had a bad fall a few months ago and I haven’t seen them in person since.

Unfortunately this means bangers will be limited for the time being.

Good point, I’ll get my boogie on next time!

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Gave the mouse a bath :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


oh yeah I forgot, guess which liquor store I popped into yesterday? @Funkhouser @Bamnan. The legend wasn’t in however.


May I present Banger Number 1



Had roasted chipotle cauliflower tacos, with all the trimmings. I could eat it all over again frankly.

Third dry Friday night in a row on the cards. Might just sit around watching Mayans MC, which I’ve become strangely addicted to.

I’ve had a Dickie Tummy today

Drinking some Neil Youngs now, waiting to see if I’m still Dickie or Dickless

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now that’s a banger!

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You got some Coors in? Or are just any old shitty light lagers associated as Neil Young’s now? I’m frankly honored by both. Enjoy my good sir!


Drinking Brooklyn lager, I feel like a hipster in 2009.